When, At Last, He Found Me by Adrianna Stepiano Review

When, At Last, He Found Me

Memoir of a Mermaid Book One

By Adrianna Stepiano


All Seraphin wants to do is make it through graduation and get the keys to her family home, after the death of her father Seraphin has been troubled by visions and randomly blacks which has led her to become an outcast. But after graduation she realizes that the black outs are only the tip of the ice berg where her life is concerned and when a mysterious man comes into her life she realizes she has been lied to her entire life. As she is tossed into an unexpected world she must come to terms with who she really is and find out who she can and cannot trust.


Adrianna Stepiano did a wonderful job in bringing to life the mythical world of mermaids, she managed to take a classic tale and bring it into a whole new dimension. Seraphin is a strong willed character unlike a lot of the young adult female characters who are coming to terms with themselves and growing up within the pages of a book and her love interest is arrogant and stubborn but when you combine the two they blend perfectly. In this story Seraphin turns out to be a guardian amongst mermaids and if this is not enough of a plot for you the author throws in one of the best fight scenes imaginable, as I read this book I kept thinking there is no way the author will be able to top this novel until she drops a bomb at the end that is sure to bring you back for more. This was definitely a great book and I look forward to reading more of the series.


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