Darkfall by Dean Koontz Review


By Dean Koontz

Homicide detective Jack Dawson has been thrown into the middle of a battle between a mafia family and the man who seeks revenge for the death of his brother, this is no ordinary war between factions the man who wants revenge is a Bocor a man who specializes in the the dark side of voodoo. If Jack Dawson does not stop he risks the life of his children and the woman he loves but if he does stop he will never be able to live with himself.

I know that this novel is supposed to be scary but though it is a thriller for sure it is far from scary small rodent like creatures that lurk in the shadows with sharp pointy teeth, creepy yes, but scary no. Dean Koontz is a great writer though, he manages to bring to life these creatures and add to the fact that these people are trapped by a blizzard it is a fun thriller.

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