Quinn Checks In by L.H. Thomson Review

Quinn Checks In

By L.H. Thomson

Liam Quinn is a former boxer, and a former art forger. After her spent time in prison he begins a new life as an insurance investigator, little by little earning the money to pay his debt to society equal to a quarter of a million dollars. His most recent case is an art theft taking him back into the world he once left behind to recover the stolen piece and save his firm a hefty sum and in return receive one for his self. Along the way he comes into contact with a mob boss, a beautiful woman, and a sociopathic teenager.

L.H. Thomson did a great job with this novel. Quinn is not your ordinary Private Eye but his study of art has given him an unusual eye for details which only goes to improve his investigative process add in the fact that he was once a boxer you have the makings for a kick butt artist and an interesting investigator. If you are a fan of mysteries I would give this one a try, you may think you know who has committed the crime but in the end you know nothing.

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