Fallen by Lauren Kate


Fallen Series Book One

By Lauren Kate

Luce Price is sent to a reform school after a fire breaks out though she manages to escape her boyfriend is not so lucky. Even though the police cannot prove she started the fire her tales of the shadows that were the cause have landed her at Sword & Cross. When she first arrives she sees a boy who she feels she has met before and is inexplicably drawn to him, Daniel does everything he can to keep his distance but he too feels the pull. Daniel is not the only one vying for Luce’s attention, Luce is also drawn to Cam a devil may care guy who tries his hardest to court her. This love triangle and the ever present shadows are only the beginning for Luce as she is pulled into a world where her fate has been preordained, or has it?

Luce believes she is crazy because she has been seeing shadows for the past twelve years looming ominously, as the story progresses we are able to see a transformation in Luce as she is empowered by the people around her.  It is a beautiful story of love and friendship in some of the most trying times in a Luce’s life. Lauren Kate did a wonderful job keeping you guessing as to what was going on till the very end, yes you do get a vague idea of what could happen but in the end she manages to surprise you. This is an interesting story and I can’t wait to read what happens next.

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