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Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout Review

Ghost Radio

By Leopoldo Gout


Joaquin is the host of a popular occult orientated radio show where people call in to relay their bizarre stories. Joaquin has experienced his own share of life altering events that have lead him to opening the radio show as a forum for people who need to share and hopefully be able to come to terms with what has happened to them. Everything is going exceptionally well for Joaquin he has even been given a job to broadcast in the states for the first time, but soon the stories from his show aren’t just stories as strange events begin to bleed over into his everyday life.


The author did a great job with this novel it is strange and riddled with smaller scary stories that keep you immerged in the story. The main plot line is, well weird it leaves you wanting more and in the end when the true events come to light you are left feeling empty. It was a good ending for the novel but for me I wish it had been better there are so many directions the author could have gone with this one and I feel the one he chose fell flat. The rest of the novel is brilliant and thought provoking, the smaller stories are creepy and interesting, all in all it is a good book too bad you can’t skip the end.

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Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie Review


By Jennifer Crusie

Career orientated businesswoman Kate Svenson has decided to get married all now she needs to do is follow her business plan that she drafted for finding the perfect man to settle down with. She decides to go to an exclusive resort in Kentucky where a lot of powerful men vacation in hopes of finding her Mr. Right. But after one disastrous date after another she decides to give up completely and then is taken off guard when her Mr. Right was under her nose the entire time.


Not many books can make me laugh out loud I may smile and enjoy a scene but to laugh out right is embarrassing but this book was so cute and amusing I couldn’t help myself. Jennifer Crusie has written a fun steamy romance, full of finding love and learning that you cannot always plan every detail of your life no matter how hard you try. I loved Jake the heart throb and the laziest man in the world his outlook on life may be jaded but he makes this book, and the antics that Kate finds herself in as she accidentally maims one date after another, even though sometimes it’s not quite an accident.  If you enjoy contemporary romances then this is definitely worth the read.

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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook

By Nicholas Sparks

He comes every morning with his tattered notebook to read to her, the story of Noah and Allie. It started with a summer romance, but after that summer they are separated thinking they will never see the other again. Until one day Allie sees a house in a newspaper, it is the house that Noah had always said he would restore and he did. Allie who is engaged to be married decides she needs to see Noah and to tell him of the engagement herself and hopefully be able to move on with her life, but soon they fall in love all over again.

Nicholas Sparks is an evil, evil man I never begin any of his novels without a box of tissues by my side, I have only come across one of his books so far that didn’t leave me in tears, but this novel put the others I have read to shame. It is so beautiful and moving, the love the main characters share is so strong that the thought of it can cause me to emit a heartfelt sigh. I had put off reading this book for a while now because I had seen the movie and if this book was anything like it I knew I would be crying like a baby, but I was not prepared for what awaited me. Whereas the movie focuses a lot on the summer the two spent together this novel focuses on the time that came after and I don’t think it could have been better. I wish I had read this a long time ago it was absolutely amazing.

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Love Lies and Liqour by M.C. Beaton

Love, Lies and Liquor

Agatha Raisin Mystery Series Book Seventeen

By M.C. Beaton

Agatha Raisin decides to go on a holiday with her ex-husband but when he takes her to his favorite childhood retreat and finds the town has become dilapidated and crude they soon decide to venture elsewhere. Until a woman is found strangled on the beach by Agatha’s scarf and Agatha becomes determined to find out who killed this woman.


I have recently fallen in love with Cozy Mysteries, a subgenre of crime fiction where sex and violence are presented in a more light hearted way, and this one has proven that when you supply witty context a bit of humor and an intriguing murder mystery it makes for a fantastic read. This is my first Agatha Raisin novel and it managed to pull me in and make me eager to find out more of her story. Agatha runs a successful detective agency and has a few interesting characters that are her employees and then you add in her strange love life you have a wonderful cast of characters that come to life through the pages of this book.

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Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook

Must Love Dogs

By Claire Cook

Divorced forty year old Sarah Hurlihy is finally ready to start dating again, after much urging from her rather large and obnoxious family. Her sister decides she needs to place a personal add in the local paper and then after much nagging she concedes, from here thing get a lot more interesting in Sarah’s life and she soon has more male attention than she knows what to do with.


I fell in love with the Movie Must Love Dogs when it came out and I had, had no idea that it was based on a book when I found this out I of course had to read it. Unfortunately the book fell flat compared to the movie, the romance between John and Sarah was not very believable it just seemed she had decided after she exhausted her other two options to go with him. I had hoped for more details but we actually get less in the book than we do with the movie. I hate it when Hollywood out does a book but this is one of those rare instances.

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