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The Price of Redemption By Gavin R. Dobson Review

The Price of Redemption

By Gavin R. Dobson

Appletree Capital Management of London has just been appointed by CSF, a large American financial group, to oversee their expansion to the international scale. Soon though things begin to become peculiar, and then deadly.

 The Price Of Redemption

Ok so the good things first.. This novel is well written as well as it seems to be well researched (I am not a financial mogul so I cannot say one way or another as factual). It is a corporate espionage book full of the big bad big brother coming down on the independent London office trying to remain virtuous. Not a bad story line all in all, the problem I had was that it was muddled down with so many seemingly useless details I had a hard time making it through. For instance there were a good two pages where it was nothing but an itinerary; this does not make for exciting reading, though towards the end the story did pick up immensely. The other big problem I had was that the author tried to incorporate romance into the main story line. I repeat tried, it ended up falling flat, there was no real emotional connection written into that story line which is a shame considering it would have made the ending much more poignant.

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An Heiress at Heart by Jennifer Delamere Review

An Heiress at Heart

Love’s Grace Book One

By Jennifer Delamere

Lizzie Poole and her brother Tom escape to Australia after Lizzie has an indiscretion with a man who leaves her destitute in Europe. Upon arriving they are both picked out to be free workers by a man who seems all too interested in Lizzie claiming his wife Ria and she will become fast friends. Once they have made their way to their final destination Lizzie soon realizes why Edward was so fascinated by her tale, she looks exactly like his wife Ria. For the past seven years the four have become inseparable friends and after one tragic event then another it is Ria’s dying wish that Lizzie make her way back to London and take her place there to make amends for everything Ria has done to her family. Lizzie reluctantly agrees which soon leads her straight to the man she inevitably fall in love with but can never have.

An Heiress at Heart (Love's Grace, #1)

Jennifer Delamere has brought to life a beautiful historical novel transporting the reader straight to London in the mid nineteenth century. The Author brings to life not only a beautiful cast of characters, but also the Crystal Palace and Hyde Park in such irrevocably stunning detail you can imagine every detail to the fullest extent as if you had been there yourself. This novel is thoroughly one of the best historical romances I have come across, so well researched and brought to life that it is a must read for a fan of the genre. Not only is this novel a historical romance though it is also a beautiful Christian romance, and unlike some novels it is not overly “preachy” but more subtle making it interesting to read along as each character faces a unique array of trials that they must overcome.

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Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue Review

Warrior Reborn

Warrior Book Two

By Melissa Mayhue

Christiana has been gifted with visions her entire life but because of this she is held captive by her half-brother. Though life is not without hope she has foreseen a man from the future who will come to her aid in medieval Scotland, Chase Noble. Chase is a former special ops agent who has been waiting his entire life for the gift of a Fae that his father once promised him. The gift is finally finding his soul-mate.

Warrior Reborn

I always enjoy a good time-travel novel when you blend the old with the new, or even vice versa. I personally think it takes a lot of talent to pull something like this off, because you must weave two completely different stories and settings into one seamless novel. Melissa Mayhue has done a remarkable job, not only did she manage to entrance the reader with the settings and characters of a time-travel novel but she also added in her own twist with an aspect of Fae being responsible and a highly influential facet. But this is only the beginning of the beauty of this novel, first and foremost it is a romance and Melissa Mayhue wrote so convincingly that the romance is palpable. If you are a fan of romance this is one worth taking the time to read, it is entertaining and beautiful. Though this is book two in the series it is a “stand-alone” novel so you can pick it up and read without feeling lost, but it will make you want more.

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Chasers by James Phelan Review

Alone Book One
By James Phelan

Jesse, Anna, Dave and Mini are all attending the Un Youth Ambassadors camp in New York, as they are on their way to see the 9/11 memorial their subway carriage is derailed by a massive explosion. The four teenagers from around the world are the only one to survive and soon crawl their way to the surface to find that all of New York City has suffered from a devastating attack. When they come across what appears to be survivors they are elated, but soon have their hopes diminished when the “survivors” soon turn on them chasing after them for their blood, for that one precious drink that will satiate their thirst.

Chasers (Alone #1)

James Phelan brings to life an all new form of monster in this novel; he combines aspects of zombies and vampires leaving us with a horrifying image. There is not a single aspect of this novel that I disliked, the characters are relatable thrown into a situation where they are trapped and absolutely “Alone” the monsters are terrifying yet you feel for the souls who have been turned into such monstrous creatures. The only thing I didn’t get was why a group of survivors would stay in a high rise, 30 Rock, when most skyscrapers are collapsing around them, though the setting is superb for this novel as it provides ample life sustaining items for the small group. Honestly though the best part of this novel is the ending, it is amazing with not one but two spectacular twists that definitely secure your interest in the rest of this series.

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Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind Review

Wizard’s First Rule

Sword of Truth Book One

By Terry Goodkind

In the style of all great epic fantasies we have Richard Cypher the young man who will become the Seeker of Truth, one day as he is in the woods before he yet learns of who he is he comes across Kahlan. Kahlan is not whom she appears to Richard, she is the Mother Confessor not only does she hold such a great title but she is also the last of the confessors. When you add in Zed the eccentric old man who has always been a dear friend to Richard and turns out to be a Wizard, not only do you have wonderful characters but a truly fascinating storyline as the three band together to defeat the evil Darken Rahl.

 Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth, #1)

Terry Goodkind has created such and enchanting world where evil is exceptionally sadistic and the good may also come with some hint of bad. The action scenes are fluid and cohesive while the character growth and friendships emerge making this truly a wonderful book to read. Kahlen’s character was the most moving for me, she is feared by everyone around her so she has had only one friend previously, I loved the struggles this character had to overcome within this novel though each main character had an interesting story and I cannot wait to find out where their lives will lead. Not only do we travel along with the three main characters but we also are introduced to a spectacular cast, from the Mud People to the creatures who soon join their journey. When you add in the exciting end there is no wonder if you will be reading the next book soon, you will have no choice.

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