The Demon Lover by Carol Goodman Review

The Demon Lover

Fairwick Chronicles Book One

By Carol Goodman writing as Juliet Dark

Callie McFay’s dreams are haunted, every night she has the same erotic encounter with a handsome stranger. What she assumes are just vivid dreams turn out to be an encounter with an incubus wanting nothing more than for her to love him. This is only the tip of the story as Callie has started teaching at Fairwick College and after her encounters with the incubus her colleagues assemble to aid her and she learns that most everyone at the college is not who they seem to be.

The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark

There is no way I could do this novel justice, for one there are three main story lines to this book instead of the usual one and to tell you each of them is most likely going to spoil on or another of the twists that happen so regularly. Though the novel is a bit busy it makes it interesting as you have no idea what scene will lead to which conclusion. I had a ton of fun reading this one, not only is Callie a highly likable character but the surrounding cast each has their own interesting story. The romance is superb and the bonds that Callie creates make this more than just your average romance novel. I cannot wait to find out more about the college and what will happen next, it is a highly unique well written and beautiful novel.

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