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Romancing the Holiday an Anthology Review

Romancing the Holiday


We’ll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon

Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth

The Best Thing by Jaci Burton


 Romancing the Holiday

We’ll be Home For Christmas

By HelenKay Dimon:

-Four Stars-

Lila spent three days wanting nothing more to wallow in the failure of her marriage when she ends up having an affair with a man. A few months later she is now sitting in front of Austin, and though he has the same name as the man who consumed her for three glorious days and nights he is not the man she knew so intimately. That is when Spence walks in, the man she knows as Austin.

This was such a cute story I loved the characters and the family dynamic that takes place between HelenKay Dimon’s characters. She also managed to create some beautiful scenes from the resort that is falling down to the steamy love scenes, the author is able to capture each moment, each thought and feeling so vividly that this  is an amazing read.

Ask her at Christmas

By Christi Barth

-Three Stars-

Caitlin has been in love with Kyle for years but he is her best friend so she will not go into that territory. One day Kyle asks her to help him propose to his girlfriend.

Ok so this story is a miss for me. First off Kyle doesn’t love his girlfriend he just wants to marry her to make his dad happy. Then Caitlin just sits back and lets it happen. But it is cute and like all great fluffy romances has a happy ending. I did enjoy the scenes that Christi created; she truly brings Christmas to life.

The Best Thing

By Jaci Burton

-Four Stars-

Brody is the town playboy at last year’s Christmas party Brody acted on his feelings and finally kissed Tori. Tori didn’t react the way he thought she would ever since she had given him the cold shoulder to cover up her feelings; she has had a crush on him for years but will never make a move on them because she knows he will just leave her with a broken heart.

The playboy and the good girl fall in love? I loved it this is a great romance novella Brody and Tori and two characters that are lovable and the romance between them is beautiful as each one has their own insecurities that they must overcome in order to be in a relationship. Not only does Jaci Burton create two amazing characters but she also manages to create an entire family that is fun to read about, and what is a Christmas story without family?

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Morning Star by Desiree Finkbeiner Review

Morning Star

Ethos Book One

By Desiree Finkbeiner

Brianna is an average girl, she doesn’t do drugs go out drinking and she loves the all-natural food her mother has always made her. One day she is surprised by an object about ten inches wide that flies at her losing her balance she falls down the stairs, she sustains multiple injuries that appear to be weeks even months old when she arrives at the hospital. This is only the beginning of Brianna’s journey she soon finds herself drawing the attention of giant dragon flies and their gorgeous keeper that are from another world entirely.

Morning Star (Equinox, #1)

This novel is highly original with giant dragon flies and other strange creatures but it is also a touch on the classics fairies, succubus, and other mythical creatures with an extraordinary twist that is highly unique and interesting. This novel focuses more on the fantastical and the forbidden love between Brianna and Kalen but it also has a ton of action and adventure thrown in to round out this novel so you are not over whelmed with angst. The only problem I had was keeping the author’s timing straight, in the novel Ethos has longer days than Earth does, she does explain it several times and it may be due to me having the flu while reading it I finally said “Forget it” it was fun anyways even if a month had past and you didn’t even realize it! Even this shows that this book is highly original; I cannot wait to see what is in store for the characters since this novel left off on such a cliffhanger adding Desiree Finkbeiner to my Evil Author pile.

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