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Flight By J.A. Huss Review


I am just Junco Book Three

By J.A. Huss

Junco and her team must travel to earth in order to save The Siblings of Earth. Along the way Junco finds that everywhere she turns is full of secrets and revelations. What if you had the power to save a race of beings at the cost of the other? Junco may be strong willed but what she faces back on Earth will be a trial even for her.

Flight (I Am Just Junco, #3)

I love Junco she is a loud mouthed character who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Plus she cusses like a sailor and chain smokes cigars, what’s not to love? What was annoying in this book though was that the men in Junco’s life seemed to turn into whining and needy men, each one vying for Junco’s attention and pouting if she didn’t reciprocate. Other than that the book is pretty good with tons of action and adventure, and so many twists it is hard to keep count. I did have one question, at the end of the book how did they keep everything straight? That’s all I will say or I will run the risk of ruining the book for those who haven’t yet read it. This is one of those books though you definitely want to read the rest of the series before jumping in. From page one this book held my attention I wasn’t a fan of the ending but it is definitely a great way to make sure you keep reading the series.

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Devil’s Bargain By Rachel Caine Review

Devil’s Bargain

Red Letter Days Book One

By Rachel Caine

All Jazz wants to do is drown her sorrows, her partner is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, she has been shunned by most of the cops in the city, and she has just enough money left to get really drunk. While she is minding her own business a man comes up to her in his brand new leather outfit making him stick out like a sore thumb in the biker bar, but what is truly weird is the man knows her name and has an envelope for her. She has never been to this particular bar before and only just decided right before arriving.

 Devil's Bargain (Red Letter Days #1)

I have to say it, I loved Jazz, she is a smart mouth who can back it up but there is so much more to her than just that she is kind and caring even if she pulls her gun first and asks questions later. I wasn’t sure what the story would be about as the synopsis I had read was fairly vague but it turned out to be a unique and fun read. I know Rachel Caine has also written the Morganville Vampire series, even though I have only read two of those I have to say that Rachel Caine is a truly surprising author. She has come up with two of the most original series that I have ever come across but not only that none of her books that I have read even come close to anyone else’s.  This book in particular you have great characters an amazing storyline all surrounding the good versus evil premise. This is certainly a must read and I look forward to what Rachel Caine has in store next.

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Eden by David Holley Review


Book One

By David Holley


After their plane goes down a group of survivors find themselves stranded in a remote area of New Zealand. Through the eyes of the survivors we are shown a world that has been drastically changed after the United States was wiped off the face of the Earth because of a natural disaster that is still sending shockwaves throughout the rest of the world. Eden is the beginning of the end in the year 2022.

Eden (Book 1) 

There is no way to do this novel justice with a brief synopsis, first you have several unique characters each with their own story to tell, and then the story itself is multi-faceted with twists and turns that will leave you dying of anticipation of what will come next. This book is futuristic, with a touch of paranormal, and a dash of murder/mystery, and tons of action and adventure making certain to have something for everyone. What is great about this novel is though this book has so much going on the author manages to incorporate each action and reaction seamlessly into a cohesive and fascinating novel. This is certainly the beginning of the end and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

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Living With Ogres By Mitt Ray Review

Living With Ogres

Living With Ogres Book One

By Mitt Ray


Matt has been a slave to the Ogres for the past seven years, even though his life is really hard it is what he is used to. So when his best friend Donna decides she is going to run away Matt does everything he can to stop her. Soon after Donna disappears a buzzard shows up to rescue Matt and since he has nothing left he decides to give it a try.

 Living With Ogres (Living With Ogres, #1)

This was an interesting book, though I am having a hard time trying to figure out who the story is directed at. It seems too short to be a middle grade book which makes you think a children’s book, but there is talk of torture and Matt is stabbed so I think it’s a bit old for a children’s book. I would definitely read through this before you hand it over to your kids for consumption. Luckily it is not very long so a quick read through will tell you everything you need to know. I did enjoy the story, it is full of magical creatures and overcoming life’s obstacles. Be forewarned though the author leaves off with a major cliffhanger, so hopefully the next book will be released soon!

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The Silver Sphere By Michael Dadich Review

The Silver Sphere

By Michael Dadich


Shelby Pardow doesn’t have the easiest life, her father is abusive and her mother is long gone. Shelby uses the library as her escape, one day she is at one of the computer when she gets an incoming massage that reads: You Are Needed. She is soon transported to Azimuth where it turns out she is Kin to one of the six Aulic Assembly members who are imprisoned by an evil warlord. Shelby with the help of the other Kin will soon be thrust head first into a battle to stop Malefic once and for all.

The Silver Sphere

This is one of those novels that I just could not put down. From the beginning Michael Dadich displays a phenomenal ability to involve the reader into the storyline with an emotional entrance into the novel as Shelby’s father is tormenting her through to the transformation she undergoes as the story progresses. Not only does the author pull you in emotionally but he also creates some highly unique creatures as well as the setting of the book making each scene more fascinating than the next. I certainly had a lot of fun reviewing this book and I look forward to seeing what Michael Dadich will come up with next.

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