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Perfect Betrayal by Jade Kerrion Review

Perfect Betrayal

Double Helix Book Two

By Jade Kerrion



Danyael Sabre is an Alpha Empath combined with his medical training he is one of the best empathic healers in the world. His empathy can not only heal though it can also be used to kill, making Danyael the target of the military that will stop at nothing to extort his power for their own.

 Perfect Betrayal (Double Helix, #2)

Jade Kerrion has certainly come up with a highly unique and fascinating world. Where people are born and even created with amazing powers. The only problem with this novel is that it does drag on in some places, though this does build the suspense in certain areas and makes the action scenes that much more powerful it can become tedious. Other than this the novel has some amazing action scenes and along with a struggle with morality it is certainly an amazing science fiction novel. I did enjoy this book even with some of the slow spots, Jade Kerrion is a fantastic story teller, creating some of the most poignant and amazing scenes. I know from Perfection Unleashed that Jade Kerrion can do so much better so I am looking forward to the next novel and hopefully we will have more of the epic plot twists I enjoyed so much in book one.

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Princess Elizabeth’s Spy By Susan Elia MacNeal Review

Princess Elizabeth’s Spy

Maggie Hope Mystery Book Two

By Susan Elia MacNeal

In the midst of World War II, Maggie Hope is training to become a spy for MI-5. Her first assignment is to pose as a tutor to Princess Elizabeth in case the Germans decide to come after her since she is the heir to the throne. What she thinks will be a waste of her talents soon turns out to be more than she had bargained for.

 Princess Elizabeth's Spy

Maggie Hope is not a hardened spy but a spy in training and through Maggie’s eyes the author brings to life World War II in a unique way as this novice inspector will do anything she can to do her part in the War. Even though Maggie Hope is the main character in this novel the author also brings to life an array of side characters each one bringing a new and interesting perspective on the War. From the young princess’ to the Nazis each character adds new dimension to the story itself making this a truly diversified read. If all of this is not enough for you, there is still an amazing mystery full of plot twists and intrigue. Then just for good measure the author throws in one heck of a twist at the end to guarantee you will come back for more.

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Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day Review

Heart of Atlantis

Warriors of Poseidon Book Eight

By Alyssa Day

Aleric is Poseidon’s High Priest and has taken a vow of celibacy and he will remain faithful to his word even if he has found his soul mate. Though he cannot be with Quinn he will be by her side and protect her for the rest of his life. Quinn is the leader of a Resistance which often puts her in the middle of one fight after another but this time the causality is too close to home, her best friend Jack is trapped in his tiger form searching for the remnants of his humanity. This is only the beginning of the story as we travel around the world and become immersed in a battle to save all of humanity.

 Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day

This is an amazing book and thankfully it is a stand-alone novel or I would have been completely lost. I have actually read the first two books in this series and this one puts those to shame. From the beginning this book is filled with action and adventure, this series isn’t called the “Warriors of Poseidon” for nothing. To make this book even better Allysa Day takes a story that is already absolutely captivating and adds in a fierce romance between two amazing characters. Not only did the author create amazing characters with engrossing story lines but she has also created some of the most vivid and breathtaking scenes imaginable. I love this book and I am definitely going to go back and read more of the series.

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Morning Star by Desiree Finkbeiner Review

Morning Star

Ethos Book One

By Desiree Finkbeiner

Brianna is an average girl, she doesn’t do drugs go out drinking and she loves the all-natural food her mother has always made her. One day she is surprised by an object about ten inches wide that flies at her losing her balance she falls down the stairs, she sustains multiple injuries that appear to be weeks even months old when she arrives at the hospital. This is only the beginning of Brianna’s journey she soon finds herself drawing the attention of giant dragon flies and their gorgeous keeper that are from another world entirely.

Morning Star (Equinox, #1)

This novel is highly original with giant dragon flies and other strange creatures but it is also a touch on the classics fairies, succubus, and other mythical creatures with an extraordinary twist that is highly unique and interesting. This novel focuses more on the fantastical and the forbidden love between Brianna and Kalen but it also has a ton of action and adventure thrown in to round out this novel so you are not over whelmed with angst. The only problem I had was keeping the author’s timing straight, in the novel Ethos has longer days than Earth does, she does explain it several times and it may be due to me having the flu while reading it I finally said “Forget it” it was fun anyways even if a month had past and you didn’t even realize it! Even this shows that this book is highly original; I cannot wait to see what is in store for the characters since this novel left off on such a cliffhanger adding Desiree Finkbeiner to my Evil Author pile.

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The Jealousy Glass by Gwen Perkins Review

The Jealousy Glass

Artifacts of Empire Book two

By Gwen Perkins


Asahel and Felix barely escape a shipwreck; the two depend on each other to get back to civilization in order to survive. Once they are back they must walk a fine line as political tension is rampant in Anjdur between the Empress and those who wish her dead.

The Jealousy Glass (Artifacts of Empire, #2)

Ok so I missed a lot by not reading the first book, this book jumps right into the middle of the story as Asahel and Felix are on their merry way and the ship they are on is soon tossed to the bottom of the sea. The author didn’t do a very good job in “playing catch up” so if you haven’t read the first I certainly suggest it. Otherwise I liked this book, from the subtle M/M Romance (a romance that revolves around two Males) to the high octane action this is certainly a unique novel.  I truly wish I had read the first though the story seems so interesting but confusing as there are times that I have no idea what Gwen Perkins is talking about. This is definitely an amazing adventure novel with strong religious undertones as well as sexuality, if either of these topics offend you or may be a touchy subject for you skip it otherwise this is a must read!

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