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The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis by Sharon Ledwith Review

The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis

By Sharon Ledwith

When five eighth grade students get into a food fight at school none of them thought it would lead on an adventure through time, the five students are sentenced to yard duty as punishment for their crimes shortly after they arrive at Melody’s home the stumble upon an arch that was buried in her back yard.  Once they excavate the mysterious arch they are whisked away to Atlantis where they meet The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantisup Lilith who is in charge of keeping watch over the gate, she informs them they are the last timekeepers and must travel through time to stop an evil magus from changing time.

Not only is this an original novel in itself but also a retelling of a classic story, Robin Hood, as the teens travel back to Nottingham on their search to stop Belial.  The author does a wonderful job in crafting this novel, blending the two stories seamlessly such as when you think the timekeepers are going to inadvertently change history themselves the author weaves the story back to the original. The only problem I had with this novel is in the beginning when we are getting to know the characters. The author would call them by their first name and a paragraph or so later start using their last names to refer to the characters, as she is building the foundation of the story I would get lost thinking, “Okay, who is Treena and Mui?” when they are actually the same person. So be sure to pay attention to the characters last names as you go along, other than that this was a great young adult novel, it was highly unique and entertaining to read.

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Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden Review

Memoirs of a Geisha

By Arthur Golden

In 1929 Sayuri’s mother has fallen ill and her father is no longer able to care for her and her older sister, she is soon sold to a representative of a geisha house in the Kyoto district.  The she works as a maid and is trained in music and dance with hopes of becoming a geisha one day. But when she is caught trying to run away she is deemed too much of a risk to continue her training, until an accomplished Geisha decides to take her under her wing and teach her everything she knows to introduce her into the society. As she is an apprentice she comes across a man, the only man that had shown her kindness when she was a child, increasing her determination to become a Geisha and gain his approval.

 Memoirs of a Geisha

This is not only the story of a Geisha it is the story of Japan during the great depression and during world war two, beautifully written around the struggles of a woman who must work as hard as she can to support herself. The romance is flawless and the drama is poignant and breathtaking this was an amazing read. The movie that followed this book is one of my favorites, though the movie could not come close to the beauty within this novel.

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Exceeding Expectations By Lisa April Smith Review

Exceeding Expectations

By Lisa April Smith


There are only two things that mean anything to Jack Morgan, his daughters, and in order to protect them he must fake his own suicide. His youngest daughter Charlotte is twenty three and after years of having her every whim tended to  by her father when he dies and leaves her penniless she has no idea what she is going to do. With her older sister in a “clinic” due to having a mental breakdown after the news of her father’s suicide Charlotte knows she must do something to make money, after a suggestion from a friendly lawyer she tries her hand at modeling soon she finds the independence she craves all the while she investigates why her father had to take his own life uncovering disturbing things along the way.


Lisa April Smith does a wonderful job not only with capturing the nineteen sixties vividly yet subtly but also in enveloping not one but two beautiful romances with glimpses back to pre- World War Two encompassing the love Charlotte’s mother and father found in each other.   Even though there is a splendid romance between Charlotte and Raul this story was more about Charlotte and the pain she must overcome after losing her father and then finding a way to support herself and become independent all while searching for answers it is so well written, you find yourself easily lost in the story. I don’t usually compare authors to one another but I must say, Look out Danielle Steel it seems you have some competition for writing intriguing dramatic novels.


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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith Review

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By Seth Grahame-Smith


You may think you know Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States and the man responsible for putting an end to slavery but you know nothing. When Abraham was a boy his mother was killed by a vampire, before this he was like the rest of us in his assumption that vampires are just a myth, after they poisoned his mother with their blood Abraham Lincoln made a solemn vow to kill every last vampire in the United States becoming the greatest vampire hunter of all time.


The civil war was actually a war between vampires, and the southern vampires used slaves as food, the southerners knew about this and supported it. That is the basis of this novel how Seth Grahame-Smith was able to make light of such a horrible situation I will never have a clue but he did, and in doing so wrote a New York Times Bestseller. This Novel is written as a biography of Lincoln’s life and the perils he found himself facing, in other words each one being caused or due to a vampire. I didn’t enjoy this book but it wasn’t bad I suppose it is somewhere in the middle with me, if you are bored and have nothing else to read it is entertaining enough to keep you busy.


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Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts Review

Blue Dahlia

Book One of the In The Garden Trilogy

By Nora Roberts


Stella Rothchild was waiting for her husband to get home on the fateful night that a plane crash left her widowed with two young children. Two years later she decides she needs a fresh start and moves to Tennessee to be closer to her father and step mother, she finds the perfect job at In The Garden nursery and even though a stipulation is to live at the Harper House she finds that everything is perfect except for the woman who is haunting the house. The Harper Bride begins as a benign spirit who sings her children to sleep but as she begins to fall in love again the spirit takes on a more sinister air.


Nora Roberts did a fantastic job with this novel adding just the right amount of creepy to a beautiful romance story. The story centers around Stella and her soon to be love Logan but also encompasses her boss Roz Harper her son Harper Ashby, and also brings to life the story of Hayley Phillips a distant cousin of Roz’s who ends up on her door step pregnant and looking to start a new life for herself after her father has passed away. The way Nora Roberts blends these stories around flowers and the Harper Bride is truly intriguing I cannot wait to see what happens next as the end of this book was truly scary. 


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