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A Stir of Echoes By Richard Matheson Review

A Stir of Echoes

By Richard Matheson

What started as a parlor trick by his brother in law soon left Tom Wallace with abilities he never knew he possessed. The nightmares start with seeing a woman leaving Tom in a panic but then he begins to hear people’s thoughts around him as well.  As the woman becomes more persistent and his family is beginning to suffer he decides to put an end it to once and for all.

A Stir of Echoes

I am a huge fan of the movie Stir of Echoes, I actually had no idea it was based off of a book and as soon as I found out I had to read it. This is another one of those instances that Hollywood has taken several liberties with a novel, and in this case the novel was so much better than its counterpart. The story is highly in depth with twists and turns at every corner making this a remarkable read. One of the best features of this novel is the ending, I thought I had, had it all figured out and was even beginning to become bored with the novel when Richard Matheson came out of left field with an ending I would never have expected. Employing spooky ghosts and eerie dreams the author has created a fun horror novel.

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Glass Houses by Rachel Caine Review

Glass Houses

The Morganville Vampires Series Book One

By Rachel Caine

Super smart sixteen year old, Claire Danvers, is a misfit through and through especially considering the fact that she is a freshman in college. Soon after she starts her new life in Morganville Texas she bites off more than she can chew when she insults Monica and her gaggle of followers who are now out for her blood. After Monica pushes Claire down a flight of stairs she decides she must leave campus and find somewhere else to stay otherwise she may end up dead next time. She soon finds an add that takes her to a house that is best described as “Gone with the Wind meets the Munsters” and three new roommates each eccentric in their own way. Shortly after she moves in she discovers that Morganville is more than just the party town that it seems and is full of dark and dangerous secrets.

Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, #1)

Ok so when I first heard about this novel I thought “Young adult romance called Morganville Vampires, another typical vampire romance, Skip it!” Once I started reading this novel it took me completely by surprise, not only is the vampires the bad guys in this book but it surrounds an entire town controlled by vampires and the humans know and most are under a vampire’s protection. After I read this I was hooked, I could not get enough of this novel with its witty repartee and a storyline like this it is an amazing read. Be forewarned this book has one heck of a cliffhanger so have book two ready to continue on!

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Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout Review

Ghost Radio

By Leopoldo Gout


Joaquin is the host of a popular occult orientated radio show where people call in to relay their bizarre stories. Joaquin has experienced his own share of life altering events that have lead him to opening the radio show as a forum for people who need to share and hopefully be able to come to terms with what has happened to them. Everything is going exceptionally well for Joaquin he has even been given a job to broadcast in the states for the first time, but soon the stories from his show aren’t just stories as strange events begin to bleed over into his everyday life.


The author did a great job with this novel it is strange and riddled with smaller scary stories that keep you immerged in the story. The main plot line is, well weird it leaves you wanting more and in the end when the true events come to light you are left feeling empty. It was a good ending for the novel but for me I wish it had been better there are so many directions the author could have gone with this one and I feel the one he chose fell flat. The rest of the novel is brilliant and thought provoking, the smaller stories are creepy and interesting, all in all it is a good book too bad you can’t skip the end.

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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

By Stephen King

Nine year old Trisha McFarland is hiking along listening to her mother and older brother bicker incessantly she begs for them to stop so she can use the restroom but they are so engrossed with their conversation they don’t even notice. Trisha decides to stop anyways thinking she will do her business and she will be able to catch up with them in no time and maybe, just maybe, they will notice her missing and it will give them something else to talk about. But Trisha can’t seem to find where they have gone off to; she can’t even find the trail she was on. Now Trisha is lost in the woods with only her Walkman to give her comfort as she tunes into baseball games and fantasizes that Tom Gordon is there with her protecting her. Soon, something begins to follow her, something sinister, will Trisha be able to find her way to safety or will whatever has taken notice of her end her misery once and for all?


With this novel it is hard to decipher what is illusion and what is truth as Trisha’s imagination starts to play tricks on her but so does something else, at times it gets confusing and most of the time I kept thinking “well that must be fake too” when it was actually something that was supposed to be physically happening. I think this is why the book was so interesting though that you couldn’t tell. I haven’t read much of Stephen King’s work, but this was spooky, not in the bump in the night sort of way, but putting aside that Trisha is nine how would anyone react to being lost for days in the woods. All in all it was an interesting story and a good read, Stephen King is a great writer and he was able to bring to life the deeper recesses of the human mind along with the supernatural.

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Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

Sandman Slim

Sandman Slim Book One

By Richard Kadrey

What happens when your supposed friends sent you to Hell, and kills the woman you love? Well for James Stark he survives, returning to earth after eleven years of being a gladiator fighting many different kinds of monsters and fallen angels, and now he is set on revenge. Stark will hunt down each of the people responsible, but he soon realizes there is a lot to learn in this new world as well as a lot more to his little group of friends than just sending him to hell.

This was an amazing novel, Stark is snarky and so hostile, but after eleven years in hell I think I would be too. The story itself is intriguing the author blends snippets of the past into the current day story so you’re able to appreciate the magnitude of loss that Stark faces when Alice is murdered. The world Richard Kadrey creates for Stark is purely original, if you are a hard core Christian and cannot appreciate that this is a fictitious novel you may want to skip it, Stark is neither for Heaven, Hell, or any other creatures that lie waiting in the dark he is purely for himself and the revenge that motivates him. This is definitely a fun read, though I don’t know how the author will ever be able to top this one but I look forward to seeing him try.

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