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Being Light by Helen Smith Review

Being Light

By Helen Smith


While Roy Travers is helping to install a new state of the art bouncy house, a freak gust of wind picks him and the bouncy house up dropping him in Paradise, where he meets the only other resident Sylvia. Meanwhile his wife, Sheila, is continuously searching for her husband after a while she comes to believe whole heartedly that Roy has been abducted by aliens and is determined to get him back.


Once again Helen Smith comes up with a quirky and interesting cast of characters, though this book surrounds Roy and Sheila’s problems the author manages to encompass many varied side stories that will leave you going “What in the world?” The only problem I have is that you must [pay strict attention to the characters names, the author incorporates so many stories that they flow into each other, for me this is a problem since I have a horrible time remembering character names. That being said the book itself is fun and witty, the author is so descriptive in her narration of the London scenery you can see exactly what she is talking about without having ever been there. I definitely cannot wait to see what else this author has in store, especially considering this book has one of the worst cliffhangers I have ever seen.


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Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Review

Agnes and the Hitman

By Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer


Cranky Agnes is a successful food writer and when a gun toting guy comes into her home after her dog her first call is Joey a former mobster and one of her best friends. Joey calls in his nephew, Shane who is a hitman, to come and protect Agnes afraid that the dognapper is only the beginning. Agnes not only has to contend with a dognapper but if she cannot pull off an upcoming wedding without a hitch she will lose her home and everything she thought she ever wanted. Agnes and Shane work together to pull off the wedding, stop the assassins who keep coming for Agnes and inevitably begin to have feelings for each other that will change their lives forever.


Agnes is not your ordinary damsel in distress, not only is she good with a frying pan in the kitchen but it seems to be her weapon of choice, making her truly an interesting character and when you add in Shane the hitman and a variety of eccentric side characters you have one heck of a funny and captivating novel. I have read several of Jennifer Crusie’s novels and I truly enjoy her writing and the stories she creates, they are light, fun and full of the warm and fuzzies, when you add in Bob Mayer to the equation, a former Green Beret and West Point graduate it adds a different perspective to the male character making him more realistic yet still a heartthrob. This is truly a fun book from two talented authors; if you are into contemporary romance I would recommend you give these two a try!


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Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich Review

Wicked Business

Lizzy and Diesel Book Two

By Janet Evanovich


Pastry Chef Lizzy Tucker has been pulled into a world of magic and mischief when she finds out that she is someone who can find magic objects. Diesel comes into her life to protect her from his cousin and so that she can help him find the seven stones that hold the seven deadly sins. When an English professor is thrown off his fourth floor balcony Lizzy and Diesel begin a scavenger hunt that will lead them all over Boston in search for the stone that represents Lust.


Janet Evanovich did a wonderful job with this novel; she manages to encompass fantasy, romance, mystery, and fantastic comedy. Though this one may not be as funny as the first one in the series, the author did add new characters into this one that adds an interesting take into the magical world that Janet Evanovich is creating. What is interesting is the series of events towards the end of the book when we find out what happens when two magically tuned people consummate, it is interesting and adds to the fact that Lizzy and Diesel cannot be together physically in a much more potent way. This was a fantastic novel and I look forward to seeing where the rest of the series will take us. The only problem I have with the book is reading it makes me hungry, they talk about and consume food constantly and the author describes the pastries so well I almost drool for a cup cake!


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Before the Daisies Grow by Micki Street Review

Before the Daisies Grow

Capers of the Glamour Grans Book One

By Micki Street


Three women in their sixties decide it is time to go on Holiday, after much debate and consideration taking into account the message from Dotty’s deceased husband through the make shift Ouija Board, they all decide to travel to Zanzibar. But when Dotty meets a handsome stranger in a bar who tells her all about the fun she can have in Brazzina the plan soon changes and they are off to this West African Island for some fun in the sun. What they don’t realize is that the island is not quite what it was made out to be and they are soon pulled into the middle of an investigation and subsequent drug bust.


With one mishap after another Micki Street comes up with one hilarious novel revolving around three women who are eccentric and fascinating to follow along as you keep wondering how in the world they find so much trouble. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this novel, I am by far a “Glamour Gran” so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to relate with the characters but as soon as they boarded the small plane I couldn’t help laughing as I myself had clutched to my husband’s hand for dear life in a similar situation, thinking the plain would surely crash just because I was on it. This isn’t the only part I could relate to but it was the funniest though I did catch myself laughing out loud at many of the antics these women find themselves in. It was all very well written and the comedy was flawless.


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Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore Review

Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d’Art

By Christopher Moore


Vincent van Gogh has been murdered; Lucien Lessard is a painter/baker/rat catcher once he learns of van Gogh’s demise he immediately heads to the Moulin Rouge in search of his closest friend Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The two of them spend a great deal of time together until Lucien’s ex-lover whom broke his heart returns and Lucien finds himself lost to Juliette  and he even begins to loose large chunks of time not knowing where or what he was doing. Lucien’s family Toulouse Lautrec’s help in rescuing Lucien from the woman, once Henri tries to intervene he begins to uncover a shocking truth that not only effects Lucien but all painters.


I have always been a fan of impressionism so I had worried that Christopher Moore may not be able to capture some of the paintings that I love, but he not only managed to make each artist outrageously funny and interesting but he brought to life some of the world’s most precious pieces of art. I have read a few of Christopher Moore’s novels before and I always end up laughing, if you have a crude sense of humor and can’t help but giggle at idiotic things then this will surely keep you enthralled if not then you may want to move on quickly. My favorite scene was Lucien as a boy in a graveyard trying to catch snails, when he spots one he says “Ah Ha” and in turn the snail says “Ah Ha” to which the young Lucien starts to run away screaming, that isn’t the entire scene of course you will have to actually read the book to find out more but it is a glimpse into the absurdity and childish humor I so love from Christopher Moore.


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