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Eden by David Holley Review


Book One

By David Holley


After their plane goes down a group of survivors find themselves stranded in a remote area of New Zealand. Through the eyes of the survivors we are shown a world that has been drastically changed after the United States was wiped off the face of the Earth because of a natural disaster that is still sending shockwaves throughout the rest of the world. Eden is the beginning of the end in the year 2022.

Eden (Book 1) 

There is no way to do this novel justice with a brief synopsis, first you have several unique characters each with their own story to tell, and then the story itself is multi-faceted with twists and turns that will leave you dying of anticipation of what will come next. This book is futuristic, with a touch of paranormal, and a dash of murder/mystery, and tons of action and adventure making certain to have something for everyone. What is great about this novel is though this book has so much going on the author manages to incorporate each action and reaction seamlessly into a cohesive and fascinating novel. This is certainly the beginning of the end and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

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Princess Elizabeth’s Spy By Susan Elia MacNeal Review

Princess Elizabeth’s Spy

Maggie Hope Mystery Book Two

By Susan Elia MacNeal

In the midst of World War II, Maggie Hope is training to become a spy for MI-5. Her first assignment is to pose as a tutor to Princess Elizabeth in case the Germans decide to come after her since she is the heir to the throne. What she thinks will be a waste of her talents soon turns out to be more than she had bargained for.

 Princess Elizabeth's Spy

Maggie Hope is not a hardened spy but a spy in training and through Maggie’s eyes the author brings to life World War II in a unique way as this novice inspector will do anything she can to do her part in the War. Even though Maggie Hope is the main character in this novel the author also brings to life an array of side characters each one bringing a new and interesting perspective on the War. From the young princess’ to the Nazis each character adds new dimension to the story itself making this a truly diversified read. If all of this is not enough for you, there is still an amazing mystery full of plot twists and intrigue. Then just for good measure the author throws in one heck of a twist at the end to guarantee you will come back for more.

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Maybe Too Good To Be True By Christie McKee Review

Maybe Too Good To Be True

By Christie McKee

Gabriel March is barely keeping her head above water as her promise to keep her father’s newspaper going may sink her financially. As she is struggling to find a way to pay the electric bill a strange summons comes in the mail from Elizabeth Hastings. Elizabeth is determined to right a terrible wrong that was exacted on Gabrielle March’s family.

Maybe Too Good To Be True

This was a great book, full of finding love and becoming a part of a family, but also mystery and intrigue this is a phenomenal romance novel. I loved Elizabeth Hastings though she wasn’t a main character exactly she was my favorite. Elizabeth Hastings is an eccentric rich old lady and Christie McKee truly brings her to life through snippets of her past as well as being a part of the story that is currently taking place. I review the entire book the writing, the story line, the characters, as well as the presentation of the novel. In this case I don’t understand the cover, the only thing that seems to fit is the dog, I mean the story is about a person who becomes super rich and the man she falls in love with who she first mistakes as a millionaire playboy who does nothing with his life. When I see the couple in the picture it does not scream wealth like the characters in the story did. Besides the cover I could not find anything wrong with this novel, the author is an impressive composer and has brought to life some amazing scenes, the storyline is fun and entertaining, it is definitely a book worth reading.

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Just a Wish Away by Barbara Freethy Review

Just a Wish Away

Wish Series Book Two

By Barbara Freethy

Every summer for twelve years Alexa’s Parents would take her to Safe Harbor, WA. On the last summer she was able to visit her friendship with Braden had started to turn into something else. Now fifteen years later Alexa’s aunt has been attacked in her antiques shop and Alexa returns to Safe Harbor to help her aunt with her store while she recuperates. At the same time recently divorced, and recently discharged from the military, Braden is asked by his longtime friend to investigate the burglary gone wrong.

Just A Wish Away (Wish, #2)

This was such a great romance novel; Barbara Freethy certainly knows how to bring to life not only an absolutely palpable romance but an intense mystery. I loved the characters Alexa is a strong independent woman and Braden is a damaged warrior and as the two investigate not only the burglary but also a mysterious incident that took place on their last night together fifteen years ago the romance that slowly blooms, or should I say comes back into focus, is absolutely beautiful. However if you are expecting lots of highly intimate situations you will be greatly disappointed, but I think this just adds to the charm of the novel.

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Robert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal By Jamie Freveletti Review

Robert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal

Covert-One Book Nine

By Jamie Freveletti

Jon Smith is attending a conference in The Hague when he is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. The Hague is not the only place under attack bombs are going off at a train station, the airport and the International Criminal Court, where Pakistani warlord Oman Datter is being held. Amidst the chaos Datter escapes to exact his revenge on the United States. Colonel Smith however is determined to stop Datter before it is too late.

Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Janus Reprisal by Jamie Freveletti

This book jumps right into the action from page one and continues until the very end keeping you gripping the edge of your chair in anticipation for what will happen next. I have only read The Bourne Identity previously so I can’t actually compare what Jamie Freveletti has written to the original series. However I think Jamie Freveletti did a wonderful job, each of the characters is interesting and so vivid in the narration of this story that even if they are not the main character they are still captivating within the storyline. Then when you add in the mystery, suspense, and action you have a story that will certainly keep you entertained. With all this the author still manages to find time for a beautiful romantic sideline making this story more intense in the delivery. This book is worth the read and I may even go back and find more of the Code-One Series.

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