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The Moon Dwellers By David Estes Review

The Moon Dwellers

The Dwellers Book One

By David Estes

Humankind was forced into the depths of the earth soon forming a new society called the Tri-realms, with three distinct realms Moon, Star, and Sun. The Moon realm is the furthest into the ground and this is where the “Pen” is. The Pen is a penitentiary and houses anyone who has committed a crime or anyone who may cause crime in Adele’s case since she is sentenced to life imprisonment for something her father did. One day Tristan the son of the President and a sun dweller comes down to the moon realm and as soon as he lays eyes on Adele he feels an over powering connection. But soon a war breaks out amongst the three realms everyone’s life will be irrevocably altered.

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1)

Am I the only person who has caught the similarities between the Mormon’s Three Kingdoms of Heaven and the Tri-realms? I mean the Three Kingdoms of heaven are broken down into the Sun, The Stars, and The Moon Kingdoms. Each one holding a different set of people but since this is the Moon book I will focus there, The Moon realm houses the poorest and the worst people in society; The Kingdom of The Moon is for liars, thieves, and the worst kinds of people. This is not a bad thing the three kingdoms of heaven is a great bases for a story I just can’t believe in all of the reviews I have read No One has pointed it out. The story itself is amazing full of romance and action, David Estes’ is a magnificent writer who is able to bring to life each scene making this a great dystopian novel.  I have to give the author his credit though, not only did he dedicate the book to his wife but he named the main character after her, if that didn’t win him brownie points then I don’t know what would.

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Renegade by J.A. Souders Review


The Elysium Chronicles Book One

By J.A. Souders

Evelyn Winters has been bred to be genetically perfect blonde hair blue eyes; she lives in the perfect underwater city known as Elysium. Evelyn has been adopted by Mother and is in training to become the next Mother, ruler of the city. She never questions anything until one day Gavin Hunter falls off a cliff and ends up in Elysium. Evelyn does her best to tend to the surface dwellers wounds and soon comes to realize that this surface dweller is nothing like what Mother has told the people about. With the realization she soon discovers more to this twisted web of deception that Mother has created.

Renegade (The Elysium Chronicles, #1)

What do you get when you cross an undersea city with a crazy dictator? Nothing but trouble according to the author, and I would have to agree. J.A. Souders creates a complex and beautiful society underneath the ocean then she destroys it with a fearsome villain making this a truly fascinating read. As Evelyn is trying to help Gavin escape Evelyn soon begins to unravel from the perfection she appears to be, to something much more complicated. As her “programming” begins to unravel and she starts to remember her past discovering things about her life that had been replaced with memories Mother wanted her to have. With each character and each scene the author brings to life an intense and captivating novel.

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Memoria. A Corporation of Lies By Alex Bobl Review

Memoria. A Corporation of Lies

By Alex Bobl

In futuristic New York City, Memoria Corporation offers a service that people cannot refuse erasing traumatic memories from a person’s mind.  Frank Shelby comes home one day to find his girlfriend lying strangled in his bed leading him into the maze that is Memoria. He must infiltrate Memoria to clear his name and as he does so he soon stumbles onto something much more heinous.

Memoria. A Corporation of Lies

I love dystopian novels so it would be hard to disappoint me when I pick one up. This one though, stands out amongst the rest not only is it an adult novel (most dystopian novels lately have been geared towards young adults) but it is also plausible. The citizens must wear electronic bracelets that track the persons movements, also people who were born after the great war must have their memories wiped every year by law, add in the big bad monster is a corporation you have an interesting take on what the future could be. I have to say that this novel reminded me a lot of 1984, though with a much better ending, so if you enjoyed that one you will most definitely like this one. All in all it’s a great read full of espionage and conspiracy and the best side of humanity’s survival instinct.

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The Miracle Inspector by Helen Smith Review

The Miracle Inspector

By Helen Smith

In the near future, London has become an oppressive society, one in which women are not allowed out of the home to work or even socialize with other women. Lucas and Angela is a young couple who have become restless in this society, Angela is tired of being a captive in her own home while Lucas is tired of working as the miracle inspector and facing day in and day out of women fabricating miracles just so they can have some company. Soon they decide they will try to escape London throwing them into more conflicts then they had imagined.

The Miracle Inspector

Helen Smith writes novels with a wicked sense of humor; anywhere from dark humor to crude nothing is safe when Helen Smith begins a novel. This novel is a little different with a lot less of the absurd content, though it is not what I expected from the author I found myself falling in love with this story. Now granted, I am a sucker for a dystopian novel, but this novel is so realistic it is scary. The women are sheltered from the cruel world and the dangerous men who live in it they are not beaten or abused just sheltered to the point they are not allowed to leave the house. Unlike many dystopian novels this one does not lean towards the extreme or the science fiction making it unique and definitely an interesting read.

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Eve by Anna Carey


Eve Book One

By Anna Carey

Ninety Eight percent of the world’s population has been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving many children orphans in the aftermath. Eve is one of these orphans, she lost her mother when she was a child and sent to a school where she became the top of her class and the best student they had seen. Eve looks forward to being sent across the lake to the dorms where the graduates will learn a trade, until she discovers that the girls sent to the dorms will never leave instead they are used to breed children, as many as they possibly can at a single time, after her world has been shattered all Eve can think of is escaping.

 Eve (Eve, #1)

This is certainly an interesting novel as we travel along with Eve into the true aftermath of a world that has been left decimated. Once Eve escapes and is in the outside world the author truly brings to life a scary possibility full of gangs and the worst form of human nature possible, but she also shows the best side when Eve reunites with a classmate and is saved by a young man we see both sides of the coin, true love and true evil. Not only is Anna Carey able to create a world that you come to fear, and make you fall in love with each character along the way she also manages to pull on your heartstrings at every possible moment, if you are highly sentimental I recommend a box of tissues by your side as you read this novel. This was a fantastic beginning with an unexpected ending ensuring you will continue on Eve’s journey.

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