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Sneak by Evan Angler Review


Book Two of the Swipe Series

By Evan Angler

Logan Langly is searching for his sister, when she was preparing to receive her mark that would make her a true citizen she was “flunked” at the last minute; she was taken from her family and everyone she knew. Logan has come across a lead in search that will take him to one of the worst places imaginable, Acheron, a prison for the markless. As Logan continues on his search he soon becomes part of an underground “river” for the markless who wish to find freedom.

Though I haven’t read the first novel in this series this book was absolutely amazing. The beginning can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what is happening but soon you are wrapped up into a story full of outstanding characters each one bringing a different aspect of this story to life. Though the main story centers around Logan and his sister it also encompasses Peck, the leader of “The Dust” a rebel group of teenagers, who is also searching for Logan’s sister as they had been very close before she went missing and also Erin a marked girl whose father is one of the men sent to track down Logan though she does everything she can to help Logan himself. Each storyline intertwines flawlessly making this an interesting and captivating read.

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Review

Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Book Two

By Suzanne Collins

Katniss has inadvertently started a revolution with the way she won the Hunger Games, bringing her to the forefront of President Snow’s attention. This year when the Hunger Games are announced it is on a “special occasion” and this year’s contestants will be chosen out of the winners of the previous Games. So once again Katniss is thrown into the arena to fight for her life and hopefully protect Peeta whom she has come to care for more than she realized.

This book was interesting but not as good as the beginning, the relationships that Katniss forms in this book are not as provoking as they were in the previous one though the author does introduce a myriad of characters who become unlikely allies who compromise an interesting outlook from the previous novel. The progression of the story was exciting and necessary, but hopefully Suzanna Collins can bring the lost romance back into the third book even though the progression between Peeta and Katniss is fun it was often times too subtle. I can’t wait to read Mockingjay the third and final book of the Hunger Games Trilogy to see what will happen next.

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Crossed by Ally Condie Review


Matched Book Two

By Ally Condie

Cassia is determined to find Ky after he has been taken by the Society into the Outer Provinces where the Society intends for him to be a casualty in the ongoing war. But after Cassia arrives she finds that Ky has already escaped into the mountainous caverns. Along the way she discovers remnants of a society that has survived until now and other startling revelations. Soon her journey is not just about finding Ky but also joining the rebellion in hopes of changing the Society itself.

In this book we find out more about Ky and his past as he relives lost memories that have resurfaced due to being in close proximity to where he has once lived, the life Ky once had is so captivating but we also learn more about Xander and Cassia creating a more diverse love triangle between the three and the reader dying to know who Cassia will chose. This entire novel may not have been as great as the first one, sequels rarely are, but the more the story progresses the more enthralling it becomes. Ally Condie did a remarkable job in expanding the story into so much more, creating two other civilizations to coincide with the Society and adding new dimensions to an already fascinating story.

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1984 by George Orwell Review

Nineteen Eighty-Four

By George Orwell


George Orwell creates a world where the government has complete control and even thinking of something that “Big Brother” does not seem worthy is punishable by torture and or death. Big Brother has complete control of the citizens and alters the information people receive so that they blindly follow whatever is put forth to them. The main character, Winston Smith, dares to defy what he is being told and tries to rebel, unfortunately he lives in a society where you cannot trust anyone and Big Brother is always watching you.


This is definitely a thought provoking novel of blind faith, and the inner workings of the human psyche. What makes children turn on their own parents? What would you do if you were not even allowed to enjoy intercourse? These are just a couple of the questions that George Orwell brings to mind, I am not sure if we could ever truly know the answers to some of the questions that are posed in this novel and I hope we would never have to find out. It was an interesting book and I am glad I read it.  George Orwell was able to capture such a frightening future so realistically some people have begun to believe this story may be prophetic, I myself see it as purely science fiction. This is truly a classic in every sense of the word and I believe it will stand the test of time to scare the daylights out of generations to come.  


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Divergent by Veronica Roth Review


Divergent Trilogy Book One

By Veronica Roth


In once was called Chicago the people are divided among five pre-determined factions each one based on a person’s characteristics. But Beatrice Prior has the option of belonging to three of the five she is an anomaly she is divergent, able to manipulate the simulation that is used to determine where she belongs so she has a choice. She chooses Daunted the courageous who push themselves to face their fears in order to protect those around them until the Erudite faction begins to change everything for each of the factions.


It is interesting to think that people could be categorized by their own human behaviors but it is far too unrealistic, no one is enough alike to become an entire colony of people. The factions are inventive however with each one focusing on a set of standards that were used to improve the quality of each person life.  If you can ignore this hiccup it’s not a bad book, well written and the descriptions are so well done you can see yourself in the shambles of what was once a great city. The only other problem I have with this book is that the main character is supposed to become stronger but the way it is written she still seems the same to me hopefully in the next book we will see greater changes.


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