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Eden by David Holley Review


Book One

By David Holley


After their plane goes down a group of survivors find themselves stranded in a remote area of New Zealand. Through the eyes of the survivors we are shown a world that has been drastically changed after the United States was wiped off the face of the Earth because of a natural disaster that is still sending shockwaves throughout the rest of the world. Eden is the beginning of the end in the year 2022.

Eden (Book 1) 

There is no way to do this novel justice with a brief synopsis, first you have several unique characters each with their own story to tell, and then the story itself is multi-faceted with twists and turns that will leave you dying of anticipation of what will come next. This book is futuristic, with a touch of paranormal, and a dash of murder/mystery, and tons of action and adventure making certain to have something for everyone. What is great about this novel is though this book has so much going on the author manages to incorporate each action and reaction seamlessly into a cohesive and fascinating novel. This is certainly the beginning of the end and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

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Chasers by James Phelan Review

Alone Book One
By James Phelan

Jesse, Anna, Dave and Mini are all attending the Un Youth Ambassadors camp in New York, as they are on their way to see the 9/11 memorial their subway carriage is derailed by a massive explosion. The four teenagers from around the world are the only one to survive and soon crawl their way to the surface to find that all of New York City has suffered from a devastating attack. When they come across what appears to be survivors they are elated, but soon have their hopes diminished when the “survivors” soon turn on them chasing after them for their blood, for that one precious drink that will satiate their thirst.

Chasers (Alone #1)

James Phelan brings to life an all new form of monster in this novel; he combines aspects of zombies and vampires leaving us with a horrifying image. There is not a single aspect of this novel that I disliked, the characters are relatable thrown into a situation where they are trapped and absolutely “Alone” the monsters are terrifying yet you feel for the souls who have been turned into such monstrous creatures. The only thing I didn’t get was why a group of survivors would stay in a high rise, 30 Rock, when most skyscrapers are collapsing around them, though the setting is superb for this novel as it provides ample life sustaining items for the small group. Honestly though the best part of this novel is the ending, it is amazing with not one but two spectacular twists that definitely secure your interest in the rest of this series.

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12.21: A Novel By Dustin Thomason Review


A Novel

By Dustin Thomason

Chel, a young Guatemalan American researcher of Maya studies, is soon called upon by Dr. Gabriel Stanton the foremost expert of the incurable prion diseases after a priceless codex is brought to America unleashing a powerful disease. The two must band together before it becomes too late and the entire population is wiped out.

 12.21: A Novel

I am not quite a believer of the Mayan end of the world craze that is going around lately; to me it’s another millennium scare if you were around for that one you know what I mean. But this novel is an interesting take on the idea of the world coming to an end. It reminds me of the quote from T.S. Elliot “This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.” Everyone keeps thinking something extraordinary is going to happen but what if it is the same thing we all fear, a new form of sickness that cannot be stopped. With every turn of the page you keep your fingers crossed as the story goes on that they will soon find a cure. If you are into the medical suspense/drama genre I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

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Pure by Julianna Baggott Review


By Julianna Baggott

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Detonations had left people Fused with objects or even other people Pressia stumbles upon a young man who is known as a Pure. Being Pure is a reference to those who escaped the apocalypse unmarked by living in a dome that protected them from the Detonations. Partridge is the only person in the history of the dome to have escaped its confines as he sets out to find his mother. After Pressia finds him she begins helping the boy and is pulled down into a strange series of events that will forever intertwine her fate with Partridge’s.

Julianna Baggott has created a fascinating and strange world where people and object become one. It is a very unique and intriguing look at a post-apocalyptic scenario. This story is full of growth and learning to accept yourself for each of your own flaws. The descriptions are spot on to bring this strange place into the most vivid of displays within your own mind.

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