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How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren Review

How Beauty Met the Beast

Tales of the Underlight Book One

By Jax Garren

Jolie Benoit was always a good girl, the type of girl her high society family expected her to be, but now she is exploring her bad side. She has been working nights as a burlesque dancer when she has a thoroughly satisfying encounter with a gruff stranger who only goes by Wesley. Wesley “Hauk” Haukon is terribly scarred, after serving in Afghanistan he sustained extensive burns over his body, now he works as an Agent for the Underlight. When he meets the beautiful Jolie he knows that there can be nothing between them, that she will never accept his appearance.

 How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren

Holy Moly! First off if you don’t know I am a military wife, one of my worst fears is for my husband to be injured while deployed. That being said I at the same time love and hate Jax Garren she did such a phenomenal job in bringing Hauk’s back story to life I ended up crying, a lot. It’s a fascinating take on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale; not only with the steampunk aspect but also having the “beast” character being injured in such a way makes the character so much more realistic. I absolutely loved this book, and I cannot wait to see what happens next between the star crossed lovers. Hopefully next time I will have a giant box of tissues by my side.

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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James Review

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Trilogy Book One

By E.L. James

Anastasia has never found a man who has interested her enough to even go on a date with until she meets highly successful young entrepreneur Christian Grey, and immediately she is lost in his dark eyes. But Christian has a dark secret, domination. As Ana soon discovers there is more to this man than just his vast fortune she finds herself falling in love with him but can Ana come to terms with his eccentric desires?

I was a little weary to read this book I had some vague idea it would just be dominatrix sex and though interesting I love there to be a good story line. I was surprised to realize this was actually a fun book full of witty commentary from Ana’s Subconscious and Inner Goddess I found myself giggling. Though I must say there were a couple of scenes I could have lived without, but E.L. James did a wonderful job writing this novel the romance was strong and the obstacle they must face is believable and intriguing. This book reads like a young adult novel though it is certainly not for the faint of heart. I kept thinking to myself “It’s an erotic, modern day, more realistic version of Beauty and the Beast.” I am certainly curious enough to see what happens next.



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Wraith’s Forest by L.J. Leger Review

Wraith’s Forest

By L.J. Leger

Every twenty-five years a group of young women are chosen to harvest the Tree of Providence, this time as a young woman, Jenna, is harvesting she holds resentment in her heart  for having been selected in doing so she has condemned the harvest which in turn can cause famine and death to the rest of the villagers. There is only one way to heal the fruit, she must appeal to the Wraith who stalks the forest around the village if she can persuade him to let her have his magical blade she will be able to undo what has been done. The Wraith agrees on one condition, she must spend a week with him.

L.J. Leger does a wonderful job in her retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I only wish it was a full novel I want more of this story! Even though it is roughly fifty pages the author manages to pull us into the story and brings the story to life with the descriptions of the house in which the wraith lives and even the description of Jenna but I wish she had gone into more details of what the wraith looked like under his cloak and why the villagers had gone insane from their encounters with him. All in all it is an interesting short story.

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