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Poker Face by Adriana Law Review

Poker Face

Poker Face Book One

By Adriana Law


It all begins with a bet. Paul Stratford makes a bet with his business partner, Jonathon Mackenzie, that his step daughter will not be seduced by Jonathon’s son. So the two of the devise a scheme to have Megan and Drew in each other’s way to see who will win.

Poker Face by Adriana Law

Drew and Megan seem to be a match made in Hades but the further book goes along the more the two seem to become something so much more. This was a fun book with quite a few unexpected twists. Though some editting is still needed for this novella Adriana Law has come up with a brilliant story with plenty of potential as the series continues. I did have one big problem with this book and of course it is towards the end so I cannot say what it is without a spoiler alert but I will say it is just my personal opinion and not everyone will see it the same way I do.

**Spoiler Alert**

Safe sex c’mon they even talk about how Megan doesn’t want to have sex without a condom because of her fear of Contracting HIV. Good job there, but when she finds out Drew is a virgin it seems it’s ok to have unprotected sex. But wait! How do we know that Megan doesn’t already have a nasty STD she is about to pass on to poor unsuspecting Drew?

** End Spoiler Alert**

Other than that the story is great the romance is beautiful the plot twists are truly surprising and may make you want to resort to physical violence towards one or more of the characters, and at 112 pages it is definitely worth the quick read.

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Pascal’s Wager by Mark Jacobs Review

Pascal’s Wager

By Mark Jacobs


After working on his philosophy dissertation Pascal Silver decides to move to Las Vegas in order to find the meaning of existence through playing poker and actually living. On the side he is a part time private investigator where his skills at reading people come in handy, one day a beautiful woman hires him to find out who really killed her father. The police’s prime suspect is Allegra’s mother since her father was found shot in her bed by his own gun that never left his side. Can Pascal find out who truly killed him or will all the evidence lead back to the mother? As if this is daunting enough Allegra’s half-brother is murdered and the police think she is the one who is to blame.


Mark Jacobs did a wonderful job with this book, even if you don’t play Texas Hold ‘Em you can easily follow along. If you are a fan of the old school detective novels this book will be right up your alley as Pascal gets the girl and kicks butt all at the same time he is solving a gruesome murder. It is a fun read that leaves you guessing as to “who done it” to the very last second. Mark Jacobs’ background in martial arts also comes into play making his action scenes believable and intense the descriptions could not have been any better. This book is definitely worth the read and I hope the author has a follow up on Pascal’s adventures.


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