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A Widow’s Guilty Secret By Marie Ferrarella Review

A Widow’s Guilty Secret

By Marie Ferrarella


Suzie Burris is waiting for her husband to get home so she can ask for a divorce. Having agreed to have a child to try to connect with each other she is now the new mother of a two month old baby and has had enough of her philandering husband. As Suzie is anxiously waiting for her husband Detective Nick Jeffries shows up to inform her that her husband has been murdered.

 A Widow's Guilty Secret

I usually like what Harlequin releases, this is one of those instances where it was a miss for me. Granted Marie Ferrerella is a great author, she does a wonderful job in bringing her story fully to life. The problem is the story itself. First off you have a woman who has just given birth and whose husband has just been murdered but she is constantly taking off and leaving her two month old son with her sister. Then you take into account that this is a romance novel and she will inevitably fall in love with the detective, again I see what the author is trying to say that the marriage has been over for a while but her husband died what a few hours ago and she is falling for someone else? I think that if the author had switched Suzie and her sister Lori characters with each other she would have had a much better novel. The third problem I have follows the not so subtle:

**Spoiler Alert**

The absolutely biggest problem I had was when as you may have predicted her son and sister are kidnapped. And what does a grieving widow whose child is in danger do? You guessed it, have passionate sex with the man who is supposed to be working on her husband’s case.  Wait what?

**End Spoiler Alert**


Unfortunately I did not like this book which is rare from me as I said I usually like what Harlequin puts out there, this one was just too much. There’s drama then there is “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

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The Moon Dwellers By David Estes Review

The Moon Dwellers

The Dwellers Book One

By David Estes

Humankind was forced into the depths of the earth soon forming a new society called the Tri-realms, with three distinct realms Moon, Star, and Sun. The Moon realm is the furthest into the ground and this is where the “Pen” is. The Pen is a penitentiary and houses anyone who has committed a crime or anyone who may cause crime in Adele’s case since she is sentenced to life imprisonment for something her father did. One day Tristan the son of the President and a sun dweller comes down to the moon realm and as soon as he lays eyes on Adele he feels an over powering connection. But soon a war breaks out amongst the three realms everyone’s life will be irrevocably altered.

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1)

Am I the only person who has caught the similarities between the Mormon’s Three Kingdoms of Heaven and the Tri-realms? I mean the Three Kingdoms of heaven are broken down into the Sun, The Stars, and The Moon Kingdoms. Each one holding a different set of people but since this is the Moon book I will focus there, The Moon realm houses the poorest and the worst people in society; The Kingdom of The Moon is for liars, thieves, and the worst kinds of people. This is not a bad thing the three kingdoms of heaven is a great bases for a story I just can’t believe in all of the reviews I have read No One has pointed it out. The story itself is amazing full of romance and action, David Estes’ is a magnificent writer who is able to bring to life each scene making this a great dystopian novel.  I have to give the author his credit though, not only did he dedicate the book to his wife but he named the main character after her, if that didn’t win him brownie points then I don’t know what would.

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The Forbidden Trilogy By Kimberly Kinrade Review

The Forbidden Trilogy

By Kimberly Kinrade

The Forbidden Trilogy

Forbidden Mind Book One

Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)

Sam is getting ready for her eighteenth birthday, when she can finally leave “rent-a-kid” where she and other kids with paranormal powers are used as spies to the highest bidder. After one of her missions she is taken back to the institute where she sees a guy who links to her mentally asking for help before he passes out. From that moment the two shares a connection that cannot be broken, but Drake has shown Sam a side of the institute she never wanted to believe and they must both fight for their lives to escape.

Kimberly Kinrade has a great story going with Drake and Sam even the other students with paranormal powers, but to make it even better about halfway through she throws in a juicy twist making this an amazing read. I didn’t really feel the connection right away between Drake and Sam as the author had intended, I mean for me how can you fall in love with someone with only having seen them once at a glance? But as the story progresses you manage to fall in love right along with them. Putting the twist into this book was a stroke of genius adding a whole new level of depravity to an already atrocious situation. I cannot wait to keep reading, I just hope the author will not lose momentum and will continue to surprise us.

Forbidden Fire Book Two


Warning: I will do my best to not spoil the first book, but it may contain spoilers despite my efforts.


Forbidden Fire (Forbidden Trilogy, #2)

Sam and Drake are on the run this time with one thing on their mind protecting what is most important to them. We also see Lucy and Luke as they are left behind at the “Rent-a-Kid” center determined to get to the truth of the center and hopefully find a way as well.

Not as great as the first book but it still has its own twists and turns along the way that makes it a fun read. This time along with Drake and Sam we are able to really get to know Luke and Lucy, Sam’s best friends, and this allows us to continually know what is taking place with all the other kids who are being held at the rent-a-kid center. In doing this the author brings to life many other characters who take part in several of the action scenes along the way. This is definitely and interesting series, the para-powers continue to fascinate me from Luke who can walk through walls to Mary the seductress each one has an attention-grabbing story to tell. I cannot wait to continue on and see where Kimberly Kinrade takes us next.

Forbidden Life Book Three


Warning will most definitely contain spoilers of the first two books if you haven’t read them. I will do my best to keep it vague.


Forbidden Life (Forbidden Trilogy, #3)

Sam will do anything to protect Ana now that she has finally arrived, but the powers that be know Ana is going to be the most powerful paranormal child ever to exist and will do anything to get their hands on her. All the while Drake is missing recuperating after what had happened to him in the previous book, and Luke and Lucy are on a mission to put an end to Rent-a-Kid once and for all before they too lose Ana.

I still want to kick Drake where it will hurt the most what he did to Sam is despicable. Other than that it was a fun book and obviously the author did a phenomenal job in her descriptive capabilities to evoke such a strong emotion from a reader. I loved the different trials that each of the characters must go through as they face decisions that may change their entire lives. In the end, this was a great conclusion to the trilogy I just wish she had finished off with Luke and Lucy a bit more, but that aside she ties everything up with a nice bow for her readers.

Special Features:

Discussion Guide-

I don’t see the point in discussion guides, but then I don’t discuss books with people in such a manner. Unfortunately I found this tedious and some of the questions are meant to make you “think” about the books when I see the trilogy as entertaining, not thought provoking. Though, I must admit that some of the discussion questions have certainly brought the entire trilogy into a new light. This is a great feature for a book club use, for personal use it is interesting and adds focus on where the author was coming from when she wrote these book.

Top Secret: IPI Paranormal Profiles-


So this bit of extra information is really cute, most of it you will know from the books themselves but the descriptions of the characters as well as some of the commentary make this worth the quick read.

Tell Me No Secrets by Sam Smith and Drake Davis-


Hmmm, I am not sure what the point of this is. It seems like a marketing ploy that was used and preserved in the book. Basically it is Sam repeating things from book one and then Drake saying how much he loves Sam.

Questions and Answers with Author Kimberly Kinrade-


This was a fantastic interview with the author I only wish that the interviewer had been identified.

The Forbidden Trilogy Playlist-


Great songs!

Now with each review and all of the special features, I would definitely recommend this omnibus it’s a great read and the extras are fun and even enlightening.


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The Reason William Sirls Review

The Reason

William Sirls

In a small town in Michigan a storm is brewing. As the storm builds the lights inside St. Thomas church go out, then the night sky is brightened by a lone lightning strike that splits the wooden cross outside of the church. Since it is a small congregation the blind minister wonders how they will repair the damage that was wrought. When Macey Lewis, an oncologist at the local hospital, finds out about the dilemma she gathers a group of strangers together to repair what was done. Soon their lives are intertwining as they each find peace with themselves and with God.

 The Reason by William Sirls

The Reason is a beautiful novel full of love and God’s grace.  In this book you learn that anything can be possible as long as you believe, to quit living in the past and live in the present, and appreciate what is around you that you have been blessed with. With such a strong positive message and beautiful scenes this is one of those novels you just don’t want to put down. William Sirls has created not only a book worth reading but something that will impact and change the way you view the things in your life. I do think novels like this need to come with tissues that would be enough warning that there is a strong chance you will end up blubbering like a baby.

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Desert Rice By Angela Scott Review

Desert Rice

By Angela Scott

Samantha Jean Haggert is on the run with her brother Jacob after her mother dies. They must stick together since Sam is only twelve and Jacob fifteen they will do anything they can to keep from having Child Protective Services separate them. Since Sam begins to draw too much unwanted attention from men Jacob has her cut off all her hair and hides her beauty under baggy clothes and a baseball cap. But everything begins to unravel when they finally find people whom want them to become part of their family and the truth may tear them all apart.

Desert Rice by Angela  Scott

Angela Scott has written an emotional rollercoaster of a novel with such a surprising twist towards the end that will make you cringe and cry out at the injustice of what has happened. I loved it, my husband on the other hand decided headphones was the way to go after some of the more heinous secrets where revealed. I say this more to point out that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does have one of the best ending I have come across in a long time. I am trying to be as vague as possible so I will not give anything away but also to do this novel justice, it is truly an amazing read so well written and emotional charged that it is hard to set down. Warning though you may want a big box of tissues at hand just in case you turn into a geyser, it’s that good.

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