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The Forbidden Trilogy By Kimberly Kinrade Review

The Forbidden Trilogy

By Kimberly Kinrade

The Forbidden Trilogy

Forbidden Mind Book One

Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)

Sam is getting ready for her eighteenth birthday, when she can finally leave “rent-a-kid” where she and other kids with paranormal powers are used as spies to the highest bidder. After one of her missions she is taken back to the institute where she sees a guy who links to her mentally asking for help before he passes out. From that moment the two shares a connection that cannot be broken, but Drake has shown Sam a side of the institute she never wanted to believe and they must both fight for their lives to escape.

Kimberly Kinrade has a great story going with Drake and Sam even the other students with paranormal powers, but to make it even better about halfway through she throws in a juicy twist making this an amazing read. I didn’t really feel the connection right away between Drake and Sam as the author had intended, I mean for me how can you fall in love with someone with only having seen them once at a glance? But as the story progresses you manage to fall in love right along with them. Putting the twist into this book was a stroke of genius adding a whole new level of depravity to an already atrocious situation. I cannot wait to keep reading, I just hope the author will not lose momentum and will continue to surprise us.

Forbidden Fire Book Two


Warning: I will do my best to not spoil the first book, but it may contain spoilers despite my efforts.


Forbidden Fire (Forbidden Trilogy, #2)

Sam and Drake are on the run this time with one thing on their mind protecting what is most important to them. We also see Lucy and Luke as they are left behind at the “Rent-a-Kid” center determined to get to the truth of the center and hopefully find a way as well.

Not as great as the first book but it still has its own twists and turns along the way that makes it a fun read. This time along with Drake and Sam we are able to really get to know Luke and Lucy, Sam’s best friends, and this allows us to continually know what is taking place with all the other kids who are being held at the rent-a-kid center. In doing this the author brings to life many other characters who take part in several of the action scenes along the way. This is definitely and interesting series, the para-powers continue to fascinate me from Luke who can walk through walls to Mary the seductress each one has an attention-grabbing story to tell. I cannot wait to continue on and see where Kimberly Kinrade takes us next.

Forbidden Life Book Three


Warning will most definitely contain spoilers of the first two books if you haven’t read them. I will do my best to keep it vague.


Forbidden Life (Forbidden Trilogy, #3)

Sam will do anything to protect Ana now that she has finally arrived, but the powers that be know Ana is going to be the most powerful paranormal child ever to exist and will do anything to get their hands on her. All the while Drake is missing recuperating after what had happened to him in the previous book, and Luke and Lucy are on a mission to put an end to Rent-a-Kid once and for all before they too lose Ana.

I still want to kick Drake where it will hurt the most what he did to Sam is despicable. Other than that it was a fun book and obviously the author did a phenomenal job in her descriptive capabilities to evoke such a strong emotion from a reader. I loved the different trials that each of the characters must go through as they face decisions that may change their entire lives. In the end, this was a great conclusion to the trilogy I just wish she had finished off with Luke and Lucy a bit more, but that aside she ties everything up with a nice bow for her readers.

Special Features:

Discussion Guide-

I don’t see the point in discussion guides, but then I don’t discuss books with people in such a manner. Unfortunately I found this tedious and some of the questions are meant to make you “think” about the books when I see the trilogy as entertaining, not thought provoking. Though, I must admit that some of the discussion questions have certainly brought the entire trilogy into a new light. This is a great feature for a book club use, for personal use it is interesting and adds focus on where the author was coming from when she wrote these book.

Top Secret: IPI Paranormal Profiles-


So this bit of extra information is really cute, most of it you will know from the books themselves but the descriptions of the characters as well as some of the commentary make this worth the quick read.

Tell Me No Secrets by Sam Smith and Drake Davis-


Hmmm, I am not sure what the point of this is. It seems like a marketing ploy that was used and preserved in the book. Basically it is Sam repeating things from book one and then Drake saying how much he loves Sam.

Questions and Answers with Author Kimberly Kinrade-


This was a fantastic interview with the author I only wish that the interviewer had been identified.

The Forbidden Trilogy Playlist-


Great songs!

Now with each review and all of the special features, I would definitely recommend this omnibus it’s a great read and the extras are fun and even enlightening.


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Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned By Tanjlisa Marie Review

Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned

Codename Fairy Godmother Book One

By Tanjlisa Marie

When you make a deal with a Fairy Godmother you have until your thirty second birthday to “pay it forward” if not then that is where Agent Thunder comes in to send the unfortunate person to a fate worse than Hell. But when Agent Thunder runs into a Leprechaun she is reassigned by the Queen Mother for her own protection, until Ciaran, the Leprechaun tracks her down.

Codename Fairy Godmother by Tanjlisa Marie

So you may think this is your average fantasy novel, but you would be extremely mistaken. Thunder is a fighter first and foremost with a no nonsense approach to the human race. I loved when she began working with the children granting their wishes at first she is flummoxed and then she bullies the children into taking five minutes tops, when you add this hilarious aspect to the high powered action then combine the science fiction aspect to the story you have a truly exceptional novel with a little bit of everything for everyone. The only problem I had was that the romance seemed to be a bit lackluster, the author focuses more on her relationship with a particular child and less on her budding romance with Ciaran, which is fine by me it just doesn’t make the final storyline as powerful as it could be. That being said the rest is golden and worth the read.

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Crazy Love By Amir Abrams Review

Crazy Love

By Amir Abrams

Kamiyah Nicols is a shining student at a prestigious art school with her sights set on Julliard. Then one day she meets Sincere Lewis and fall madly in love, giving a whole new meaning to madly. Soon she is skipping school and her entire life begins to revolve around Sincere and what began as infatuation soon turns into obsession.

 Crazy Love

From the synopsis I had read of this book I thought it would take a more sinister turn, true things do go over the top but not as far as I thought it would. What this book turned out to be was a young spoiled girl learning to love. What is right and wrong in a relationship, and how you must be secure with yourself in order to truly appreciate the person you love. I have to say Kamiyah drove me nuts she was a spoiled brat who manipulated everyone around her, but if she had not been this novel would not have been as moving and poignant as it turned out to be. It is well worth the read, I am not sure I would classify this as a coming of age story but it seems to come with a wonderful lesson.

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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

By Stephen King

Nine year old Trisha McFarland is hiking along listening to her mother and older brother bicker incessantly she begs for them to stop so she can use the restroom but they are so engrossed with their conversation they don’t even notice. Trisha decides to stop anyways thinking she will do her business and she will be able to catch up with them in no time and maybe, just maybe, they will notice her missing and it will give them something else to talk about. But Trisha can’t seem to find where they have gone off to; she can’t even find the trail she was on. Now Trisha is lost in the woods with only her Walkman to give her comfort as she tunes into baseball games and fantasizes that Tom Gordon is there with her protecting her. Soon, something begins to follow her, something sinister, will Trisha be able to find her way to safety or will whatever has taken notice of her end her misery once and for all?


With this novel it is hard to decipher what is illusion and what is truth as Trisha’s imagination starts to play tricks on her but so does something else, at times it gets confusing and most of the time I kept thinking “well that must be fake too” when it was actually something that was supposed to be physically happening. I think this is why the book was so interesting though that you couldn’t tell. I haven’t read much of Stephen King’s work, but this was spooky, not in the bump in the night sort of way, but putting aside that Trisha is nine how would anyone react to being lost for days in the woods. All in all it was an interesting story and a good read, Stephen King is a great writer and he was able to bring to life the deeper recesses of the human mind along with the supernatural.

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Fire with Fire by Penelope King Review

Fire with Fire

Book Two of the Demonblood Series

By Penelope King


Lucky by night and Liora by day the two fell madly in love with Kieron each for their own reasons.  It has been two weeks since Lucky and Liora let him take the ones responsible for their half selves, Kieron was supposed to deliver them for his freedom and return to Lucky and Liora so why hasn’t he come back yet? As time continues to pass and Kieron still has not returned Liora finds herself becoming closer to Tristan, a new student who makes her feel happy and safe which is what she needs right now. Lucky however, finds herself growing closer to her oldest and dearest friend Bones. What will happen when they find out the real reason behind Kieron’s disappearance?


Once again Penelope King writes a fantastic book this one is a bit mature yet still young adult based. The author managed to bring to life a beautiful story, I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Bones and Lucky it was sweet which is unexpected between two demons. Then you have the story progression which was interesting and immensely moving as the author manages to write not one but two heart wrenching love stories. If you have read her other novels you may find it fun that Penelope King also intertwines her other series with this one subtlety yet in an interesting manner. I can’t wait to see what Penelope King comes up with next she definitely ended this book with an unexpected twist making sure that you will want more from this series.


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