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Eve by Anna Carey


Eve Book One

By Anna Carey

Ninety Eight percent of the world’s population has been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving many children orphans in the aftermath. Eve is one of these orphans, she lost her mother when she was a child and sent to a school where she became the top of her class and the best student they had seen. Eve looks forward to being sent across the lake to the dorms where the graduates will learn a trade, until she discovers that the girls sent to the dorms will never leave instead they are used to breed children, as many as they possibly can at a single time, after her world has been shattered all Eve can think of is escaping.

 Eve (Eve, #1)

This is certainly an interesting novel as we travel along with Eve into the true aftermath of a world that has been left decimated. Once Eve escapes and is in the outside world the author truly brings to life a scary possibility full of gangs and the worst form of human nature possible, but she also shows the best side when Eve reunites with a classmate and is saved by a young man we see both sides of the coin, true love and true evil. Not only is Anna Carey able to create a world that you come to fear, and make you fall in love with each character along the way she also manages to pull on your heartstrings at every possible moment, if you are highly sentimental I recommend a box of tissues by your side as you read this novel. This was a fantastic beginning with an unexpected ending ensuring you will continue on Eve’s journey.

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Pure by Julianna Baggott Review


By Julianna Baggott

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Detonations had left people Fused with objects or even other people Pressia stumbles upon a young man who is known as a Pure. Being Pure is a reference to those who escaped the apocalypse unmarked by living in a dome that protected them from the Detonations. Partridge is the only person in the history of the dome to have escaped its confines as he sets out to find his mother. After Pressia finds him she begins helping the boy and is pulled down into a strange series of events that will forever intertwine her fate with Partridge’s.

Julianna Baggott has created a fascinating and strange world where people and object become one. It is a very unique and intriguing look at a post-apocalyptic scenario. This story is full of growth and learning to accept yourself for each of your own flaws. The descriptions are spot on to bring this strange place into the most vivid of displays within your own mind.

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