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Kept by Shawntelle Madison Review


Coveted Book Two

By Shawntelle Madison

Natalya Stravincky is working to rebuild her relationship with her family and rejoin the ranks of her New Jersey pack. Suddenly her father goes missing she soon finds out that he owes a debt to the Russian werewolf mafia and she must work to repay his debt so they will free him. Along the way she gets assistance from various sources including her ex-boyfriend who is now engaged to someone else and she still loves, and a wizard who is patiently waiting for her to come around and see that he is the right man for her.

Kept by Shawntelle Madison

Ok so even though this is a paranormal romance there is so much more to it than just that, first off we have Nat who has OCD. I mean come on a werewolf with OCD I love it! Then the author encompasses several side stories that are absolutely fascinating in their own right, making this one book that is hard to put down. In a lot of books where two men are vying for the attentions of one woman you always get the sense of who the author is leaning towards, this is not the case in this book which is a pleasant surprise that leads me to wonder if the author knew or just decided at the end who Nat would end up with. I haven’t read the first book in this series yet but the author does a wonderful job encompassing enough of what happened previously to catch you up but still make you want to read it if you have not.  I personally hope I will get the chance to read the beginning and the rest; I am dying to know what happens next.

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Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin and Charlotte Bronte

Jane Slayre:

The Literary Classic with a Blood-Sucking Twist

By Sherri Browning Erwin and Charlotte Bronte

Jane Slayre was orphaned by vampires shortly after she was born, when her uncle came to retrieve her he was attacked and turned into a vampire on the way home, though he was able to protect the infant from the blood thirsty fiends. This is how Jane Slayre found herself living in a home full of vampires, after her cousin attacks her leaving her bitten and almost completely drained of blood she soon becomes determined to rid the world of these abominable creatures.

Jane Slayre: The Literary Classic with a Blood-Sucking Twist

This was a great re-telling of Jane Eyre, full of vampires, werewolves, even zombies.  So far this is one of my favorite “quirk classics.” The author did a wonderful job bringing to life a new world and blending in the characters from a classic setting producing an interesting and captivating novel. In the original novel you truly hate some of the characters, that is not as substantial in this novel but you have a more solid reason to dislike these people, such as students being transformed into zombies. I would definitely recommend giving this novel to someone who shows a lack of interest in an original classic it is sure to make you want to compare it to the first and in the process draw the reader into a classic world that knows no bounds.

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Forever Werewolf by Michele Hauf Review

Forever Werewolf:

Forever Werewolf and Moon Kissed

By Michele Hauf

On occasion Harlequin publishing house offers a two for one book deal, this book is one of those occasions so to make it easier not only on myself but also for everyone who reads my reviews I will write a separate  review for each book. I hope you all enjoy!

Forever Werewolf:

Trystan Hawkes has been tasked by his father to deliver an important package to the pack leader, “principal” in this case, at Castle Wulfsiege. Shortly after he arrives he is captivated by the enchanting Alexis Conner, daughter to the Alpine Prinicipal. As Alexis is informing her ailing father that the package he has been anticipating has finally arrived, an avalanche strikes the castle trapping them inside but with some of the pack out skiing at the time soon everyone begins a rescue mission even the Lone-Wolf Trystan. Soon as Alexis and Trystan become closer they soon realize each one has a secret, Trystan is not full blooded werewolf but mixed with vampire, and Alexis hides behind her blue sunglasses. Not only must they overcome their differences but each must contend with the entire Alpine Pack.

There is no way my brief synopsis could have done this novel justice; this novel alone has at least four story lines all intertwining into a seamless and fascinating world of Werewolves. Though this is a romantic fantasy it is not what you expect, yes it gets rather “steamy” in some parts but the world that Michele Hauf has brought to life is so captivating. Not only does this author blend the storylines into a flawless novel she also captures the scene, from the beautiful landscape of the Alpine mountains, to the relationships between each of the characters, and even if you have not read any of her novels, which this is my first, the characters she introduces from previous works do not fall flat in this novel. This first novel definitely sets an exceptional tone for this anthology.

 Forever Werewolf: Forever Werewolf\Moon Kissed

Moon Kissed:

Belladonna Reynolds loves to stay fit and being a flamenco dancer it comes with the territory, one night as she is jogging she runs into a bit of trouble in the form of three bloodthirsty vampires. Luckily she runs into an abandoned warehouse to hide and straight into the arms of Severo a werewolf. As Severo is holding her in his arms he realizes that the connections he feels to this woman can only mean one thing, that she is destined to be his mate. This is just the beginning as the vampires soon begin to stalk Bella and Severo vows to protect her.

This novel doesn’t get really good until about chapter eight before that it is more a “Romantica” and has less of a storyline, but once it does kick off the book is fantastic. It turns out Bella’s best friend who also happens to be a man, is dating a vampire which Severo had nick named Elvira in years past for her outrageous appearance. When it comes to light that Elvira is the jealous sort it leaves Bella in a world of trouble. Though I read this one along with Forever Werewolf, this one was not as well written as the first but it still held its own, it is a quick and fun read even if it does start off a bit slow story wise.

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Wanted Nightmares: Battle For Love by Pura Preis Review

Wanted Nightmares: Battle for Love

Wanted Nightmares Book One

By Pura Preis

Amaya lived among vampires for as long as she can remember, when her “Father” does everything he can to tear her apart from her one true love she cannot take living under his rule any longer and decides to end her life. But as she falls off a cliff in Ireland she is rescued by some unknown person and finds herself trapped by her immortal family once again but this time things are different she has come to the attention of a pack of werewolves who want her dead and she has no idea why. This is only the beginning for Amaya soon her memories slowly come back to her and she must come to terms with what she really is and the battle that lies before her.

This book starts off a little rocky at first, but soon the author finds her stride and the story comes to life. In the beginning of the book the author tries to explain the love Amaya shares with Thomas but it comes off forced, later in the story though through the experiences the couple shares it is heartwarming and lovely. Pura Preis has created a fantastic character in Amaya and slowly reveals bits and pieces of her in such a way to draw you into the story and with such a unique storyline it is certainly worth the read. There isn’t much I can say without revealing too much of the plot and ruining it, but I can say it ends in such a way they you will want to go out and buy the next book as soon as possible.



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The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice Review

The Wolf Gift

By Anne Rice

Reuben is a young journalist writing a real-estate piece on a beautiful historic home off the coast of California, after connecting with the woman who owns the home and spending the night in her bed he awakes to her screams. The woman has been brutally murdered and the assailants turn toward Reuben next when a giant beast comes to his rescue, unfortunately the beast has bitten Reuben forever changing his life. When Reuben transforms into his man wolf form it seems he can sense the presence of evil and does whatever he can to stop violent crimes from occurring become a widely recognized vigilante dubbing himself as the Man Wolf. Though no one knows Reuben is actually the Man Wolf, with the notice wide spread throughout the world scientists come forth with maniacal ideas and want to run all kinds of experiments on Reuben. 

Anne Rice has taken a classic tale and come up with a new and surprising twist, part Superman and part Wolfman this is an interesting tale. The Man Wolf is able to keep full consciousness remaining aware of his actions as he would as himself and scenting on the air the true intentions of those around him.  Though at first Reuben is not the most of enjoyable characters, we soon follow him as he changes not only into his part wolf form but into a stronger person in general; in essence we follow along as Reuben goes from a happy go lucky boy to a hardened man. Though the ending was truly lacking in some points, I hope there is a sequel to this one because it leaves so many things up in the air and unfinished.

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