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Being Light by Helen Smith Review

Being Light

By Helen Smith


While Roy Travers is helping to install a new state of the art bouncy house, a freak gust of wind picks him and the bouncy house up dropping him in Paradise, where he meets the only other resident Sylvia. Meanwhile his wife, Sheila, is continuously searching for her husband after a while she comes to believe whole heartedly that Roy has been abducted by aliens and is determined to get him back.


Once again Helen Smith comes up with a quirky and interesting cast of characters, though this book surrounds Roy and Sheila’s problems the author manages to encompass many varied side stories that will leave you going “What in the world?” The only problem I have is that you must [pay strict attention to the characters names, the author incorporates so many stories that they flow into each other, for me this is a problem since I have a horrible time remembering character names. That being said the book itself is fun and witty, the author is so descriptive in her narration of the London scenery you can see exactly what she is talking about without having ever been there. I definitely cannot wait to see what else this author has in store, especially considering this book has one of the worst cliffhangers I have ever seen.


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Divergent by Veronica Roth Review


Divergent Trilogy Book One

By Veronica Roth


In once was called Chicago the people are divided among five pre-determined factions each one based on a person’s characteristics. But Beatrice Prior has the option of belonging to three of the five she is an anomaly she is divergent, able to manipulate the simulation that is used to determine where she belongs so she has a choice. She chooses Daunted the courageous who push themselves to face their fears in order to protect those around them until the Erudite faction begins to change everything for each of the factions.


It is interesting to think that people could be categorized by their own human behaviors but it is far too unrealistic, no one is enough alike to become an entire colony of people. The factions are inventive however with each one focusing on a set of standards that were used to improve the quality of each person life.  If you can ignore this hiccup it’s not a bad book, well written and the descriptions are so well done you can see yourself in the shambles of what was once a great city. The only other problem I have with this book is that the main character is supposed to become stronger but the way it is written she still seems the same to me hopefully in the next book we will see greater changes.


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Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Review

Agnes and the Hitman

By Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer


Cranky Agnes is a successful food writer and when a gun toting guy comes into her home after her dog her first call is Joey a former mobster and one of her best friends. Joey calls in his nephew, Shane who is a hitman, to come and protect Agnes afraid that the dognapper is only the beginning. Agnes not only has to contend with a dognapper but if she cannot pull off an upcoming wedding without a hitch she will lose her home and everything she thought she ever wanted. Agnes and Shane work together to pull off the wedding, stop the assassins who keep coming for Agnes and inevitably begin to have feelings for each other that will change their lives forever.


Agnes is not your ordinary damsel in distress, not only is she good with a frying pan in the kitchen but it seems to be her weapon of choice, making her truly an interesting character and when you add in Shane the hitman and a variety of eccentric side characters you have one heck of a funny and captivating novel. I have read several of Jennifer Crusie’s novels and I truly enjoy her writing and the stories she creates, they are light, fun and full of the warm and fuzzies, when you add in Bob Mayer to the equation, a former Green Beret and West Point graduate it adds a different perspective to the male character making him more realistic yet still a heartthrob. This is truly a fun book from two talented authors; if you are into contemporary romance I would recommend you give these two a try!


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The Deep by Peter Benchly Review

The Deep

By Peter Benchley

A Honeymooning couple is diving off the coast of Bermuda when they come across a shipwreck and a small glass vial that will forever change their lives. When they return to their hotel room with the glass vial a strange man approaches them trying to buy it from them claiming the glass is rare they refuse, proclaiming they must find out what is in the vial before they are willing to sell it to anyone. From there a man who doesn’t even exist officially tries to hire them to find more of the vials and soon the couple discovers what is so valuable, the small vials actually contain pure morphine. This is only the beginning of their adventure as they work with the local light house keeper to find as many of the vials they can before they fall into the wrong hands.


The man who wrote this also wrote Jaws so I was excited to be able to write a review, it turns out I wasn’t disappointed. Though not quite as scary as Jaws was this book certainly holds up with its action and adventure until the very last moment. I will say I hated the ending and it will definitely leave you wanting to know more, otherwise it was a fun and quick read.


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Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

Sandman Slim

Sandman Slim Book One

By Richard Kadrey

What happens when your supposed friends sent you to Hell, and kills the woman you love? Well for James Stark he survives, returning to earth after eleven years of being a gladiator fighting many different kinds of monsters and fallen angels, and now he is set on revenge. Stark will hunt down each of the people responsible, but he soon realizes there is a lot to learn in this new world as well as a lot more to his little group of friends than just sending him to hell.

This was an amazing novel, Stark is snarky and so hostile, but after eleven years in hell I think I would be too. The story itself is intriguing the author blends snippets of the past into the current day story so you’re able to appreciate the magnitude of loss that Stark faces when Alice is murdered. The world Richard Kadrey creates for Stark is purely original, if you are a hard core Christian and cannot appreciate that this is a fictitious novel you may want to skip it, Stark is neither for Heaven, Hell, or any other creatures that lie waiting in the dark he is purely for himself and the revenge that motivates him. This is definitely a fun read, though I don’t know how the author will ever be able to top this one but I look forward to seeing him try.

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