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Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore Review

Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d’Art

By Christopher Moore


Vincent van Gogh has been murdered; Lucien Lessard is a painter/baker/rat catcher once he learns of van Gogh’s demise he immediately heads to the Moulin Rouge in search of his closest friend Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The two of them spend a great deal of time together until Lucien’s ex-lover whom broke his heart returns and Lucien finds himself lost to Juliette  and he even begins to loose large chunks of time not knowing where or what he was doing. Lucien’s family Toulouse Lautrec’s help in rescuing Lucien from the woman, once Henri tries to intervene he begins to uncover a shocking truth that not only effects Lucien but all painters.


I have always been a fan of impressionism so I had worried that Christopher Moore may not be able to capture some of the paintings that I love, but he not only managed to make each artist outrageously funny and interesting but he brought to life some of the world’s most precious pieces of art. I have read a few of Christopher Moore’s novels before and I always end up laughing, if you have a crude sense of humor and can’t help but giggle at idiotic things then this will surely keep you enthralled if not then you may want to move on quickly. My favorite scene was Lucien as a boy in a graveyard trying to catch snails, when he spots one he says “Ah Ha” and in turn the snail says “Ah Ha” to which the young Lucien starts to run away screaming, that isn’t the entire scene of course you will have to actually read the book to find out more but it is a glimpse into the absurdity and childish humor I so love from Christopher Moore.


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Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva Review

Drowning Mermaids

Sacred Breath Book One

By Nadia Scrieva


Captain Trevain Murphy and his crew are drowning their sorrows in a strip joint after losing one of their own. One of the dancers manages to capture his attention she seems to be well trained in ballet and is dancing to beautiful opera music and Trevain cannot take his eyes off of her but Trevain sees her as a young girl, she looks like she is 18, and he is in his fifties and when she tells him that she is six hundred and three he laughs it off. Trevain learns that Aazuria is actually stripping to take care of herself and her two young sisters he offers to let them stay in his home, he isn’t there most of the time so she will be safe and secure and not have to earn money in such a way, soon after they move in together more begins to form between them but Aazuria has a dangerous secret, she is actually a Princess and will soon be Queen of an underwater kingdom and there are those who wish to harm her.


This was such an interesting book, take all you know about mermaids and throw it out the window the only way I can describe how the author explains mermaids is Darwinism, they are humans just more advanced and are able to live and survive underwater. If that alone is not enough to get you to read this book the author also adds romance, murder, and drama to make this an outstanding read, so much so that I cannot begin to do it justice in a few simple words with everything that happens you will simple have to read it for yourself. 

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The Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato Review

The Sin Collector

Book One of The Sin Collector Trilogy

By Jessica Fortunato


Liliana was born a Sin Collector taking the sins of those who are dying so that they can be at peace in the world here after. She has seen many things in her one hundred years of life and it has been a long time since she has performed the ritual to collect sins. She has started to live her life as a normal person working at a library until one day a request for a book of Sin Collectors comes through the library making her afraid for her life.


This is an interesting novel it is very much fantasy with hints of mystery and romance. Liliana is a strong willed woman who rides around on her motor cycle like she owns the place which is fun to see in a character, girl power and all that, but she is also kind and caring with a great amount of love to give making her a diverse and provoking character. When you add in the story line and even the back story Jessica Fortunato creates a world unlike any other with Sin Collectors and an organization determined to kill off each one and when people from Liliana’s past come back into her life the drama that ensues is palpable. This book is worth the read, it’s not very long but the author fills every page with drama and intrigue.


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Fire with Fire by Penelope King Review

Fire with Fire

Book Two of the Demonblood Series

By Penelope King


Lucky by night and Liora by day the two fell madly in love with Kieron each for their own reasons.  It has been two weeks since Lucky and Liora let him take the ones responsible for their half selves, Kieron was supposed to deliver them for his freedom and return to Lucky and Liora so why hasn’t he come back yet? As time continues to pass and Kieron still has not returned Liora finds herself becoming closer to Tristan, a new student who makes her feel happy and safe which is what she needs right now. Lucky however, finds herself growing closer to her oldest and dearest friend Bones. What will happen when they find out the real reason behind Kieron’s disappearance?


Once again Penelope King writes a fantastic book this one is a bit mature yet still young adult based. The author managed to bring to life a beautiful story, I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Bones and Lucky it was sweet which is unexpected between two demons. Then you have the story progression which was interesting and immensely moving as the author manages to write not one but two heart wrenching love stories. If you have read her other novels you may find it fun that Penelope King also intertwines her other series with this one subtlety yet in an interesting manner. I can’t wait to see what Penelope King comes up with next she definitely ended this book with an unexpected twist making sure that you will want more from this series.


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Voyage of the Dead by David P. Forsyth Review

Voyage of the Dead

Sovereign Spirit Saga Book One

By David P. Forsyth


A ship full of passengers receive startling news from ashore, the ship has been at sea for the past few weeks and now on land there is an outbreak of what looks like zombies. The CDC is calling it a virus, super rabies to be exact and through social media and the toys of a man who has just won the lottery, the members aboard the ship do everything they can to save the people they care about.


This was an amazing book, right from the beginning the author jumps in with action and violence as the zombie plague spreads through LAX airport. Unlike some zombie books out there, this one has an origin a place where the zombies actually came from instead of just being an act of God, which I thoroughly enjoyed and for me it made the zombie apocalypse much more believable.  Another aspect I enjoyed of this book is that the people it surrounds are not only out there to save themselves but they truly want to save other people from a terrible fate and you don’t see that very much anymore. All in all this is a great action novel, with fast paced scenes and gruesome details it is sure to please any fan of the action genre.


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