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Something Borrowed By Emily Griffin Review

Something Borrowed

By Emily Griffin

Rachel has spent her entire life catering to Darcy’s needs, and always coming in second to the high strung and gorgeous Darcy. Then on Rachel’s thirtieth birthday she drinks a bit too much and finds herself in bed with Darcy’s fiancé. Rachel knows it is wrong but soon she can’t help the feelings that have grown inside of her as she realizes she loves Dex.


For the first time someone has taken the “other woman’s” side and though it may be an interesting perspective she is still the other woman, and with that comes the stigma of “she is such an idiot.” Emily Griffin manages to create such an unlikable character in Darcy you can’t help but side with Rachel no matter how hard you try, and just when you start to sympathize with Darcy and think Rachel is indeed a bad person she pulls something out of her sleeve that will make you rethink taking Darcy’s side to begin with. This wasn’t a bad book, it was certainly well written, I think this is one of those books that will be torn between sections you will either love it or hate it no middle ground.

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Review

Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Book Two

By Suzanne Collins

Katniss has inadvertently started a revolution with the way she won the Hunger Games, bringing her to the forefront of President Snow’s attention. This year when the Hunger Games are announced it is on a “special occasion” and this year’s contestants will be chosen out of the winners of the previous Games. So once again Katniss is thrown into the arena to fight for her life and hopefully protect Peeta whom she has come to care for more than she realized.

This book was interesting but not as good as the beginning, the relationships that Katniss forms in this book are not as provoking as they were in the previous one though the author does introduce a myriad of characters who become unlikely allies who compromise an interesting outlook from the previous novel. The progression of the story was exciting and necessary, but hopefully Suzanna Collins can bring the lost romance back into the third book even though the progression between Peeta and Katniss is fun it was often times too subtle. I can’t wait to read Mockingjay the third and final book of the Hunger Games Trilogy to see what will happen next.

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That Thing Called Love by Susan Andersen Review

That Thing Called Love 

Razor Bay Book One

By Susan Andersen

When Jake Bradshaw was a teenager his girlfriend ended up pregnant, Jake tried to do right by the girl he loved and his unborn child by getting married and taking on a job that would help him support his new family and passing up on his scholarship and a chance to leave the small town he had come to loathe, when his wife dies and his mother and father in law offer to take his son so he can pursue his college education Jake jumps at the chance. Thirteen years later Austin’s grandparents have both passed away leaving him with Jenny Salazar who has been like an older sister to him since his grandparents took her into their home when she was sixteen. Jenny would love nothing more than to keep Austin with her, but Jake decides this is the chance he needs to make up to Austin for not being in his life and wants him to come be with him, but he soon gets more than he bargained for.

I wasn’t sure I would like this novel, I mean a dead beat dad doesn’t scream “read me” what I didn’t count on was that Susan Andersen is such an interesting composer that you will end up falling in love with Jake and his many flaws. Not only does the author make you feel for such an unlikely character she brings to life the full cast of characters in such a way that each one is intriguing from Jenny and the trials she has faced to Max, Jake’s half-brother, and even Harper who doesn’t come into the picture until later in the story, making you thoroughly anticipate the rest of the series. This is definitely an interesting concept and unlike anything I have read previously making it well worth the read.

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Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle Review

Murder Most Frothy

Coffeehouse Mystery Series Book Two

By Cleo Coyle

Clare Cosi lives for coffee, ever since she was a child, so it is no surprise that she is a highly successful New York barista. Her millionaire friend David has asked her down to the Hamptons for the summer to train his staff at his new restaurant with all expenses paid for her and her daughter it is an offer she cannot refuse, but during a Fourth of July party she is catering she stumbles upon the dead body of one of her employees she takes it upon herself to find out who killed this man and if their attempts weren’t actually meant for someone else.

This was a great cozy, the first book I have read from the Coffeehouse Mystery Series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is witty and humorous fulfilling much of what I expect when I read a cozy mystery. The Author did a wonderful job in describing the coffee that even for someone like me, who doesn’t particularly like it; I wanted to taste the delectable creations that Cleo Coyle describes. The coffee isn’t the only thing that the author was able to create brilliantly; her scenes were able to draw you in so that you were able to fully take in what was happening, also the relationships that the author has created make you curious as to what has taken place in the past and what will become of the menagerie of characters. The mystery itself, though not intense since it is a cozy, will keep you guessing until the very last minute and the author does a remarkable job of tying up any “loose ends” that some mystery authors tend to overlook.

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Crossed by Ally Condie Review


Matched Book Two

By Ally Condie

Cassia is determined to find Ky after he has been taken by the Society into the Outer Provinces where the Society intends for him to be a casualty in the ongoing war. But after Cassia arrives she finds that Ky has already escaped into the mountainous caverns. Along the way she discovers remnants of a society that has survived until now and other startling revelations. Soon her journey is not just about finding Ky but also joining the rebellion in hopes of changing the Society itself.

In this book we find out more about Ky and his past as he relives lost memories that have resurfaced due to being in close proximity to where he has once lived, the life Ky once had is so captivating but we also learn more about Xander and Cassia creating a more diverse love triangle between the three and the reader dying to know who Cassia will chose. This entire novel may not have been as great as the first one, sequels rarely are, but the more the story progresses the more enthralling it becomes. Ally Condie did a remarkable job in expanding the story into so much more, creating two other civilizations to coincide with the Society and adding new dimensions to an already fascinating story.

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